Bathroom Radiators

The Hottest Bathroom Radiators Designs

When it comes to banishing the chills on those dark winter mornings, or drying out your swimming towels in the summertime, we have just the range of electric radiators for you. Engineered with precision by our ISO 9001:2008 accredited team, we have run every extra mile to ensure you get great-looking, high-performing bathroom radiators.

Our bathroom radiators are there for the long haul, too. We can guarantee this as we cast them from low carbon steel to give you not only quality lightweight strength but solid resistance to corrosion. Being as they are items that will be in a lot of contact with moisture, this is no piffling consideration.

Stunning Range of Finishes

And that's just what's underneath! Over that tough base we offer an array of gorgeous finishes to go alongside any type of bathroom furniture. Our most popular is our chrome bathroom radiators range, whose glinting shine elevates the look of any space. For more modern looks we have blacks and greys, the perfect counterpoints to a more modish contemporary style.

Feel the Power

Whatever your system or needs, we have them covered. We not only have bathroom radiators that run, as standard, off the heating system, but also electric heated towel rails too. This offers flexibility with regards to the operation of the unit, saving energy when you only need one unit running, for instance. By fitting an electric element, you can even have a dual fuel bathroom radiator, should you wish.

Warranty - 10 Years of Peace of Mind

At, we are solidly committed to customer service, and this is borne out by the amount of effort we have put into making sure our staff are the brightest and best around. Pick up the phone, email anytime, or jump on the live chat to get the best advice around.

That advice could well be on our warranty, as many people have to call in after rubbing their eyes seeing that our warranty not only lasts ten years but is completely free. The vast majority of our products benefit from this cover, and all you need to do to get it is go on the site and tap in some details to activate the warranty.