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Kitchen Radiators

Choice of Shapes

At BathEmpire, we stock a number of different kitchen radiator styles. We supply a flat, oval, round and colosseum selection of column radiators that create a bold statement in your brand new kitchen.

The flat, oval and round styles are more contemporary as they project unique, minimalist chic. On the other hand, the colosseum styles are based more on vintage elegance, as they feature slightly more rounded tips on the ends of the columns.

Diversified Selection of Finishes

We also supply each model of kitchen radiator in a variety of tones. These comprise of white, anthracite, black gloss, chrome and silver finishes. The colosseum styles mostly consist of white kitchen radiators, whereas the black and chrome looks apply more to the state-of-the-art flat panel designs.

Produced with the finest in low carbon steel and coated in a powder or chrome finish, these kitchen radiators comply with ISO9001:2008 regulations and are tested to BS EN442 standards. They are normally tested for smooth functionality at 10 bar pressure and the pressure in your home with is usually under 11 bar. The kitchen radiators are 100% leak tested and are compatible for use on all UK heating system that are tank fed or combination systems.

Further Segregation

But the diversification of our kitchen radiators does not stop there. We have even more to offer in terms of dimensions and power, as we provide you with a choice of single, double and triple bars. This gives you the option of choosing a kitchen radiator that suitably fits into your space, whilst presenting you with a higher output of heat.

Ten Years of Confidence

The kitchen radiators we supply are manufactured using an intense powder coated finish for protection from rust. All the components used to construct these robust kitchen radiators are of British standard fittings. All our kitchen radiators come complete with fixtures and fittings; however the radiator valves will need to be bought separately.