Silver Radiators to Blend In With Most Colour Schemes

At, we stock a charming range of oval tube silver vertical radiators to give your room a neutral yet stated look. The subtle grey silver shade blends in well with any minimalist or chic tones. We believe that less is more so we recommend going for a timeless and classic decor.

To pull this off you need not go for the cliche shades such as magnolia or others. All you need to do is grab one of these glossy silver radiators. The tall and elegant vertical orientation of these radiators gives them a distinct look, which would work well with larger rooms with higher ceilings.

Selection of Silver Radiator Shapes & Sizes

You can create warmth and depth by using different tones on the chimney and breast wall. Accessories can really complete a look too and matching grey-blue or grey-cream colour schemes will surely do the trick.

Our range of silver designer radiators is formed from oval tubes for a soft and graceful touch. They come in a variation of sizes to allow you to slot it best into the space you need it to. If all the choices of our silver radiators are overwhelming, you can start of by calculating your BTU.

Narrow Down Your Choices with BTU

The BTU allows you to establish the size of radiator you require according to the dimensions of your room. Once you calculate this, it will allow you to narrow down the choices and you can then start thinking of the wall to which you will fit your brand new silver radiator.

You can then select your preferred area or background, you can think about whether you would prefer the double bar or the single bar option. If you require a high BTU output and have a small wall space, then going for a slim silver radiator with a higher BTU would make more sense.