Roma Round Tube Vertical Radiators

Edgy, Statement Design

The authentic, bold and chunky rustic appeal of the Roma round tube vertical radiators creates a striking impact when added to any living space. The radiators come in a long and slender design to add a unique feature to your home that leaves everyone in awe.

Even though the heights of most of the radiators are similar, the widths vary with some being much wider or much slimmer than others. This means you can choose whether you want to decorate your room with two slim ones for a trendy touch or go for one wide one, depending on your wall space.

Rigorously Tested

Manufactured from low carbon steel and finished off with a high quality white powder coated finish. This ensures that the radiators are highly resistant to corrosion and the bright white looks don't fade easily. The enduring Roma collection of round tube vertical radiators has been tested to BS EN 442 standards and meets ISO9001:2008 regulations.

Added to that they are safety tested to 10 bar pressure and the pressure received in your room is usually well under 11 bar. The Roma round tube white vertical radiators have been 100% leak tested and are compatible with all UK central heating systems that are tank fed or combination.

Select the Optimum Output

Just like our collection of Roma round tube horizontal radiators, the Roma round tube vertical radiators come in an option of two bars or three bars. This all depends on how much heat you require for your room and what type of wall space, plumbing, etc. your room contains.

The final touch we have added to support the Roma round tube vertical radiators is the long-lasting ten year warranty that is automatically added onto the product for absolutely no additional cost. This guarantee covers your brand new radiator against any manufacturing faults. If you have any queries about it, do not hesitate to contact us directly on 02476 389052.