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Shower Body Jet - Round
Shower Body Jet - Round
Shower Body Jet - Round

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Shower Body Jet - Round
Shower Body Jet - Round Shower Body Jet - Round Shower Body Jet - Round Shower Body Jet - Round

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Shower Body Jet - RoundShower Body Jet - RoundShower Body Jet - RoundShower Body Jet - Round

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Victoria Kozack - Useful and good quality

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Solid Brass10 Year Warranty14 Day Money Back Guarantee

Summary: Shower Body Jet - Round

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Increase the luxury of your shower with some of our quality shower body jets. Cast from a whole brass core, these are truly jets that will stand the test of time, the metal rigorous and unbroken in the face of corrosion. Another metal secures the finish, chrome, while for your convenience we fit them with easy to clean rubber jets that require a simple wipe to clear. Suitable for 180-220mm shower heads, we also engineer them with an extended 40mm thread for a tighter fit. Ordinarily, these jets are used in groups of four or six, and are run off the same valves the showers are. As a guide we recommend a water pressure of between 0.5 and 1 bar for up to 4 jets. Anything above this would require between 1 and 1.5 bar free 10 year warranty covers this unit, giving you peace of mind.

Product Specification

Guarantee: 10 Years
Width: 50mm
Type: Body Jet
Style: Round
Material: Chrome plated solid brass
Minimum Pressure: 1 BAR
Recommended Pressure: 2 BAR
Flow Rate (at Minimum Pressure): 15.3 L/min
Flow Rate (at Optimal Pressure): 15.3 L/min

Accreditations & Testing

•    24 hour salt spray testing
•    Tested to BS EN112 standards
•    100% leak tested

Additional Information

Includes: Single Body Jet
Fixtures and Fittings
Excludes: Shower Mixer

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