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Riser Rails

Ravishing Rail Designs

The chrome shower riser rails we supply you with, here at BathEmpire, are a cut above the rest. They come in a range of sizes from 515mm to 705mm in length depending on the model you prefer to go for. You can obtain these chic and elegant riser rails in round or square designs to match with your new shower valves and heads.

Among the excitement of putting together your perfect shower, you might forget some of the essential, yet less glamorous, items. The humble shower riser rail is a vital part of your shower suite, and we stock an extensive range of high quality shower risers.

Resistant to Damage

Our shower riser rails are manufactured using the very best materials, so we can ensure you that they will last. We use only solid brass for the core of each chrome plated shower riser, which is not only resilient but also offers a strong resistance to rust in what will be a humid operating environment.

Our range of chrome effect shower risers does not feature a brass core but a plastic polymer one. Unlike inferior manufacturers though we use a technique called "rapid heat cycle moulding". This prevents the polymer from shrinking and ruining the finish.

Selection of Styles

This is another example of how we offer the very best quality shower risers as we have put in the time to research the best materials and methods for their production. Our shower riser rail ranges take in a number of different designs. Therefore, you are able to find one that matches your overall theme perfectly.

Whether you opt for a chrome effect or chrome plated shower riser rail from us you are adding a contemporary shine to your fittings, which will reflect the light and brighten your bathroom. All our shower riser rails come with our free ten year warranty that protects them against any manufacturing faults.