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Star Shower Heads

Exquisite Design

This wonderful star shower head crafted beautifully with chrome plated solid brass adds a unique, contemporary embellishment to your brand new bathroom. The star shower head requires a minimum of 1 bar water pressure to function and does not come with the shower arm.

This is because the star shaped shower head is crafted to compliment any shower arm of your choice. The shower arms that can be applied to this exquisite star shape shower head are the ones that stem from the wall or the ceiling.

Stringent Testing Process

This quality star shower head has undergone rigorous testing processes and been 24 hour salt spray tested, as well as being tested to BS EN442 standards and 100% checked against any leaks. The star shower head is 8.7 inches, which translates into 220 mm by 220 mm and is constructed from a robust brass centre.

The look is then completed with sleek and reflective chrome plating, allowing it to give off a slight twinkle like an actual star. The shower head is on a swivel connection, so you can tilt it for about 15 degrees. The minimum water pressure required to utilise the star shower head is 1 bar.

Space-Saving Tip

This allows you to obtain a wonderful and invigorating shower experience. Added to this, you can combine the star shower head with a riser rail, if you wish to combine the functionality of a bath and shower. This allows you to save space, alongside adding functionality and exceptional style to your brand new bathroom.

Ten Years of Cover

The uniquely designed star shower head comes fully supported by our ten year warranty that covers it against any manufacturing defects. This guarantee is added onto the product for absolutely free and if you have any further questions about it, do not hesitate to contact us on 02476 389052 for more information.