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Concealed Shower Mixer Valves

Enticing Chrome Valves

We stock a fine-crafted, elegant variety of concealed shower mixer valves, here at BathEmpire, to suit all styles of bathroom decor. Our premium concealed shower mixer valves contain the pipework behind a concealing plate, adding a minimalistic, modern look to your brand new bathroom.

Each shower valve component is formed of a corrosion-free solid brass core, which is then finished in a heavy plating of chrome. This not only helps protect the unit from damage but also ensures the concealed shower valve stays looking bright and clean.

Adaptable to Most Homes

We take extra measures when you buy a concealed shower valve from us, as we want to make sure you get only the very best quality. We water and pressure-check our concealed shower mixer valves to up to fifteen bar of pressure. The normal household will be under a water pressure of one to five bar, so you know these are quality shower valves that can handle most domestic systems.

Fitting Requirements

Further to that, you would need between 68 mm and 98 mm of space behind your wall to fit one of our concealed shower valves. This is what is known as wall cavity. The amount of outlets your valve contains will depend upon whether you opt for a one, two or three way concealed shower mixer valve. However, you would always have two inlets - a hot and a cold one.

Our entire range of concealed shower mixer valves are produced to the same sky-high standards, featuring brass cores and dazzling chrome finishes. Your safety is paramount to us too, and as such each concealed shower mixer valve from us at BathEmpire is designed and built so as to conform to the highest design standards.

Ten Year Warranty

All this quality is supported by our free ten year warranty that covers your brand new concealed shower mixer valve against any manufacturing faults, to avoid you any hassle of repair or replacement.