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Contemporary Shower Mixer Valves

Modern Shower Technology

Our contemporary shower mixer valves are brilliant when it comes to added functionality within the bathroom. This is due to the fact that time is of the essence these days with life so fast-paced. Therefore, the convenience of modern technology is essential when it comes to your brand new bathroom.

There is no need to waste time fiddling with the hot and cold taps when you're showering in the morning. A modern shower mixer combines the hot and cold water streams so you don't have to.

All of the mixer valves in our modern shower mixers are embedded with thermostatic technology to regulate your water temperature. This allows you to choose how hot or cold your shower is. The core of our mixer valves are made from solid brass. This material is extremely strong and resistant to rust and other corrosion.

This means that when you buy a modern shower mixer valve from BathEmpire you buy a bathroom fitting that is built with longevity in mind. Each unit is then topped off with three layers of chrome to give add a gleaming finish that will never fail to catch the eye.

Exquisitely Shaped Controls

We have an excellent range of styles in our modern shower mixer selection that add a finishing touch to any modern bathroom. Our round and square bar designs and gorgeous wall mounted valves contain both round and square shaped controls.

If you only wish to use it for your shower, then a one way mixer will be perfectly suitable. However, our modern mixer shower range also features two way and three way mixers. These useful bits of kit allow you to run showers, separate shower heads and wall jets through the same mixer valve.

Added Safety

That is not all that a modern shower mixer valve from BathEmpire has to offer. Our contemporary shower mixer valves come with a built-in anti-scalding device that prevents water above 38 °C. This reaches the shower head, giving you and your family added protection when showering.