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Keila Bathroom Taps

Substantial Production Techniques

The immaculate range of Keila bathroom taps creates a bold impact within your new contemporary bathroom. These intricately designed bathroom taps come with a sharp and curved tip that is designed with slimness and finesse for a look of sophistication. They add an automatic twinkle to your bathroom as the daylight strikes and bounces off the reflective mirror finish on the tap.

Both the bathroom taps available in this range are made for deck mounting. However, what increases the endurance of these bathroom taps is the ceramic disc technology incorporated within them.

How It Functions

The working requirements for the Kiela range of bathroom taps include attaching them to a water system that produces a minimum of 0.5 bar. However, we do recommend a water pressure of one bar for exceptional performance.

You can integrate the Kiela range of bathroom taps into your home with a variety of water systems. These include combination boiler, gravity fed systems with a pump, mega flow, pumped hot water, unvented hot water and standard pressure.

Outstanding Durability

These intricate fixtures embedded within the taps make it easy to turn the taps on or off with a smooth glide that will give you a swift flow of water in an instant. There is also less chance of any drips or leaks occurring with this refined engineering that has taken place to produce the tap.

The innovative Keila bathroom tap is constructed using a solid brass base and then topped off with layers of chrome. This ensures longevity and endurance when you invest in one of these gleaming objects of style.

Trust & Confidence

We do not only offer you confidence in our products with words. We back up what we say about our products with an additional guarantee for no extra cost. This warranty on our range of Kiela bathroom taps spawns across a period of ten years so that you are not left stranded in case anything happens down the line.