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Khone Bathroom Taps

Sleek, Minimalist Bathroom Taps

Named for the stunning falls on the Mekong River in southern Laos, our Khone range of bathroom taps gives you all you could ask for from a modern bathroom tap. We give you dazzling looks, achieved by coating each unit in an attractively thick, triple layer of the finest chrome.

This material is added over the sturdy layer of brass that formulates the body of the tap. The brass core has been produced with a high copper content to provide the ultimate in rust resistance and strength. Basically, what you receive when you purchase one of these Khone bathroom taps is longevity, style and performance, all at incredibly low prices.

Crafted With Precision

Our Khone taps are not dully representative of just one style though, and offer a number of different functionalities to ensure you get precisely what you need.

We have your standard basin mixer taps, of course, in addition to elegantly tall counter top basin mixers too. If you wish to go for a model that demonstrates usefulness, we have bath mixer taps, including one model that comes complete with a hand held head to maximise the utility of your space.

Our attention to detail is turned on every single detail, however small. For example, we will not use inferior rubber washers, which inevitably perish and leak. We fit all our taps with ceramic disc washers, which are practically impervious to wear and tear and which make harsh twisting and turning a thing of the past.

Ten Year Assurance

If you are still not persuaded off our promise to deliver exceptional style and durability to your brand new bathroom, take note of our ten year guarantee. This assurance is added onto our Khone bathroom taps for absolutely no additional cost. Therefore, if you have any issues with any of these taps in the next ten years, we can help you with repairing or replacing them.