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Nelas Bathroom Taps

Exclusive Nelas Bathroom Taps

State-of-the-art Nelas bathroom taps provide you with a design that will capture the eye of all your visitors. The sharp and slim handles are not only incredibly innovative, but also practical as the elongated shape makes it easy for you to open and close your handles. These sleek tap handles are complemented by the slight curve of the tap tips, which create a waterfall type feature, which looks luxurious and elegant in your bathroom.

Selection of Models

The range of Nelas bathroom taps consists of four striking models, which are all deck mounted. There are two versions of the contemporary mixer tap, including the regular mono mixer tap and the cloakroom mixer tap for smaller bathrooms to help you save some space. Both these models come with flexible tap tails.

There are then two types of bath taps, including the regular bath filler mixer tap and the same design with a hand held shower head. Both these models come with rigid copper tails. The Nelas bathroom taps are constructed from robust solid brass and layered with a smooth polishing of chrome. This prevents the chrome from peeling and avoids any rust from occurring.

Smooth Functionality

This means they will last you for much longer than you can imagine. The Nelas range of bathroom taps work on water systems that deliver a minimum of 0.5 bar water pressure. However, for the best performance, we recommend a pressure of 1 bar. This promise of a tap that provides you with longevity and endurance is not only stated in what we say.

Assurance of Ten Years

We provide you with assurance for ten years in our free guarantee, so that you do not have to worry if there are any repairs or replacement needed within that timeframe. Although, please note that this does not apply to the cartridges of our Nelas bathroom taps, as these are only insured for twelve months.