Brushed Steel Swivel Spout Kitchen Taps

Contemporary & Traditional Kitchen Taps

The brushed steel swivel spout taps we stock, here at, come finished off in more of a rustic matt finish rather than a gleaming chrome look. There are two contemporary editions, the Tolmer monobloc and the Tinkisso version.

Both these contemporary brushed steel swivel spout kitchen taps are offer you a similar style, although the main difference is that the Tolmer monobloc version comes with a lot more slim and slender tap handles. The Victoria version of these taps comes with chrome effect with white plastic for a traditional look similar to our range of bathroom taps.

Rustic Looks with Modern Functionality

The taps are all made with a robust brass core and topped off in brushed for a look of urban elegance, appropriate for your kitchen. The swivel spout tap functionality works best with twin sinks in the kitchen, so that you can switch from sink to sink depending on your usage requirements.

The minimum water pressure required for the brushed steel swivel spout taps to operate is 0.5 bar, although we do recommend you install them to a bar pressure of 1 to get the highest performance on them. The brushed steel swivel spout kitchen taps come complete with fixtures and fittings, hoses, washers and fitting instructions.

They do not, however, come with waste, as this would need to be bought separately according to your preference and plumbing requirements.

Ten Year Assurance

The brushed steel swivel spout kitchen taps come with our ten year protection, which covers them against any manufacturing faults. This warranty is provided to you for absolutely no additional cost and is automatically added to the product as soon as you purchase it.

However, please note that the tap cartridges tend to be covered by a separate one year warranty. They have been KTW and DVGW tested for Pex tube and have been safety tested at 25 bar. Therefore, they should be able to withstand a high-pressure water flow within your brand new kitchen.