Chrome Swivel Spout Kitchen Taps

Gleaming Finished Chrome Swivel Spout Kitchen Taps

When you buy chrome swivel spout kitchen taps from, you can be assured you are fitting your kitchen with a relatively small item that will nonetheless stand as a design statement all on its own. That's not down to the quality of the build, or even the elegant functionality of the piece, but first and foremost due to the wonderfully reflective chrome finish.

This is achieved with multiple layers of high-class chrome, carefully laid down to achieve a perfectly smooth look.

Built to Last With Brass

Beneath the mirrored exterior of our chrome swivel spout kitchen taps is a solid core formed of brass. This brass has been formulated to feature a high level of copper, this mix being proved to be both extremely strong as well as practically impervious to corrosion.

Ceramic Washers - Kill Those Leaks

Leaking taps not only drive people mad, they also waste precious water. This is not something you will have to worry about with our chrome swivel spout kitchen taps, as we fit all our taps with ceramic discs. These do not wear out, and also provide a wonderfully simple, effortless operation - a mere quarter turn is all it takes to get a full flow.

Warranty - 10 Years of Peace of Mind

Are you having problems with your order, with our site or with the styles on option? Are you worried about fitting your taps, when they'll be delivered, or if they'll work with your home system?

Put those concerns to bed, as our customer service team is right there to steer you in the right direction. They are at your disposal not just by phone and email, but we've gone all 21st century with our special live chat applet where you can get online with them and get advice there and then. Give it a go! You can also go to our special offers section to get your hands on a kitchen tap deal.

On top of all this you get a free 10-year warranty with every single chrome swivel spout kitchen taps order - simply register on the account section of our site when you receive your chrome swivel spout kitchen taps and those ten years start from there.