Bath Mixer Taps

Solid Build

Bath and shower mixer taps are the ultimate functional item in your bathroom. They provide the most utility in the smallest space, as it can fill your bath and provide a shower all in one space. This saves the need for the added cost of an enclosure or valves.

Our bath and shower mixer taps are also no flimsy, thrown-together things either. They are immensely tough and strong, with a solid brass core that presents an unyielding face to rust and other corrosive elements. The brass is also extremely resilient, so you know the valve will be able to weather all sorts of wear and tear without showing the effects.

Gleaming Chrome Looks

Brass is ok in some rooms and designs, but I imagine most people will want a little more for their bathroom. That's why we coat our bath and shower mixer taps in triple layers of glinting chrome, which catch the light and reflect beautifully.

Ceramic Disc Technology

Another thing we look to provide at is the very best usability. In this vein, we identified a weak point with the rubber washers used on our basin and bath taps. Noticing they perish horrendously quickly, causing annoying leaks, we fit all our bath filler taps and shower mixers with ceramic discs. These are hardwearing and also make for a simple operation, an easy quarter-turn being perfectly sufficient to get the right flow.

Warranty - 10 Years of Peace of Mind

Offering someone a decade of peace of mind sounds too good to be true, but we are all about honesty at and that is exactly what we can offer you. This is an expression of our confidence in our bath and shower mixer taps, a gesture only made stronger by the fact we ask for no extra money for this guarantee - that's right, it's totally free.

If you have any questions about the warranty, or any other aspect of your order, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team of highly trained and experienced customer service personnel. They are on the end of the phone or email, and also can be spoken to live in our special chat function on our website.