Freestanding Bath Mixer Taps

A Wealth of Options

Stretching up elegantly, standing to attention alongside our freestanding baths, are our freestanding bath taps. This range is tailor made for cool modern bathrooms, for those looking for that design twist to set their room apart from all the rest.

Whatever your type of look, we have freestanding bath taps to match them seamlessly with your modern or traditional bath suites. For starker, edgier lines, you would opt for a Niagra or Canim model, while for sinuous, easier-on-the-eye looks, a Gladstone or Caster II is perfect.

Either way, utility is taken care of with the additional shower head attachments, meaning you can have a bath and a shower all ran from one discrete unit.

Brass Bases = Corrosion Resistance

Holding up that glorious chrome mirror shine is a solid brass base. We use brass with a high copper content on our freestanding bath taps, as this works to present a staunch face against rust and other corrosive elements. That way our freestanding baths are not ruined by rusty accompanying taps or bath wastes.

We Can Eliminate Leaks

Leaks are annoying, as are taps that have to be jammed shut and wrenched open. Our use of ceramic disc washers on our freestanding bath taps, as opposed to poor rubber washers, sets us apart, as they do not wear and make for a less strenuous operation.

Warranty - 10 Years of Peace of Mind

So you have installed your new freestanding bath taps and you stand back to admire them. Take it in some more, as you know for a fact they won't be going anywhere for a really long time. That's because those taps are covered by our stunning 10 year warranty, which activates as soon as you confirm your order.

If you have any enquiries of that nature, or for that matter, enquiries of any sort, don't let the phone sit in the cradle - pick it up and get in touch with our customer service team.

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