Alamere Bathroom Taps

Strong Style

At, we are very keen to stress the stylistic tenet that absolutely everything matters to the overall look of your traditional bathroom suites. One fantastic set is our Alamere bathroom taps, which manages to achieve the difficult design feat of being able to slot seamlessly into a vintage bathroom with a roll top bath. This is achieved through a careful blend of stark modern lines and cool, subtler shapes, similar to our slipper baths, a look we are proud of attaining.

Serious Corrosion Resistance

Our Alamere bathroom taps are no mere flashes in the pan, either, and will last you practically forever. Corrosion is kept at bay by our specialist brass, which contains a high copper content. This means you get taps that are thoroughly resilient to rust and other corrosive elements, making for a long working life. This does away with the worries and expense of replacements or repairs, adding to your peace of mind.

Ceramic Disc Technology

Following tests, we noticed that rubber washers were simply not up to standards, performance-wise. That is why all our Alamere bathroom taps are fitted with ceramic discs, which do not perish like rubber washers, meaning less fiddly maintenance and less money spent on replacements. It also makes for a much simpler, quarter-turn operation - no more having to wrench open tightly-fitted faucets.

10-Year Free Warranty & Customer Care

A ten year warranty is a great added bonus, is it not? A decade of worries regarding the substitution or fixing up of your Alamere taps washed away in the instant you register with us. The only thing that would be better is if it were free - and it is. At, we bundle each of our Alamere taps with a totally gratis warranty.

You might have some issues or encounter some roadblocks on your way to that order, but that is not a problem either as we have your knights in shining armour (they're not in armour) in the form of our customer service team. Pick up the phone, fire off an email or log on to our innovative live chat service to get all the advice you need, from choosing a colour to paying for your order.