Regal Bathroom Taps

Vintage Elegance

If you want to imbue your traditional basin with some of that indefinable vintage class of times gone by, then our Regal bathroom taps really are the only way to go. Regal by name and regal by nature, they give off a quiet excellence that is manifested through those oversize white lever handles. You can definitely feel like royalty when you waltz into a bathroom fitted with these faucets and any of our opulent claw foot baths.

Royal Quality of Manufacture

Those handles are just part of the overall styling of our Regal traditional basin taps. That glint is provided by high quality chrome, fitted in three layers to ensure a totally unbroken finish. Beneath that is a valve made with staunch corrosion resistance and Herculean strength built in. How can we claim that? We can because we use only brass, with a high copper content, and that fine mix provides everything we want to create a solid and resilient unit.

Ceramic Discs - New Technology with Classic Style

The styling might be classic, but the design principles remain state of the art. Rubber washers are the vintage choice, but I'm afraid the look outlasted the technology. We use only modern ceramic discs on our taps, as they give us a hardwearing washer that prevents leaking. Furthermore, our ceramic washers mean a very easy operation, a simple quarter-twist enough to guarantee a full flow.

Warranty - 10 Years of Peace of Mind

Our customer service team can be got in touch with in a number of ways, whether you like picking up the phone or tapping out an email. Furthermore, we have fitted our website with a live chat applet, within which you can get instant access to our team.

You can talk to our team about all sorts, as long as it is bathroom-related, of course! Topics might also include our 10 year warranty, that comes free of charge. Just drop us a line and let us know your details to get everything registered, totally without cost.