Bathroom Trends For 2020

Thinking about updating your bathroom in 2020? Restyling your home is exciting and rewarding – what better way to make sure it’s a year to remember.

A bathroom update is a remarkably rewarding project. There’s something so good about starting off the day with an invigorating shower in a room that you love. The right bathroom will also help you unwind at the end of the day.

The trickiest bit of a bathroom update is deciding on the style to go for and the key features you want. It’s helpful to know what’s new and what’s popular, so let’s look at the top bathroom trends for 2020.

What's hot for 2020?

Every year is marked by a few big trends, alongside other, more enduring style directions. Let’s first look at the three big trends for 2020: modern suites, wood effect bathrooms, and solutions for compact living.

Modern Suites

Modern suites

Bathroom suites tend to come in three main styles: traditional, classic and modern. Traditional suites tend to feature Victorian-type fittings: square sinks and baths, propeller taps and the like. Classic is the ‘norm’ – simple, yet stylish, white bathroom furniture that suits any time of home. But in 2020 the big trend is for modern bathroom suites.

There are some stunning items in these ranges that will give any home a clean, simple look. Explore the beautiful minimal lines and modest soothing curves of modern freestanding baths, with sinks and toilets to match.

You don’t have to compromise on storage with this trend, either. Complement your modern suite with an eye catching floor-standing vanity unit or an LED mirrored cabinet.

Wooden Bathroom Suite

Wood effect bathrooms

Wood is predicted to be massive in 2020, partly due to the growing trend to embrace our natural world. Adopting a wood effect in your bathroom creates an elegant and unique feel that suits any type of bathroom, from cloakroom to en-suite to main bathroom.

There are many different shades of wood to consider. If you like a dramatic and dark effect, consider a walnut look, as with this floor standing sink cabinet. If a lighter shade is more your thing, try an oak effect, like this wall hung sink unit.

Complement your wood effect bathroom with a few plants and greenery to give a real sense of nature in your bathroom space.  

Wall hung unit

Solutions for compact living

Not many of us have a vast and spacious bathroom, but it’s easier than ever to create a sense of space as new solutions hit the market in 2020.

Wall hung units are great for expanding your bathroom, as seeing more of the floor creates the illusion that it’s a bigger room. They also provide plenty of storage to keep your bathroom clutter free – again adding to its feeling of spaciousness.

A short projection toilet is designed to take up less of the bathroom square footage, expanding your floor area and giving you more room for changing and towelling dry.

These kinds of innovative designs will encourage many homeowners to refurbish their bathrooms and unlock more living space in 2020.

Continuing bathroom trends for 2020

Grey bathrooms will still be a huge focus, thanks to the likes of Mrs Hinch demonstrating how grey provides both style and practicality as a feature shade in our homes. Whether you choose to bring in the grey via the décor, your tiling, your vanity unit and other storage, grey continues to be timeless and stylish.

Black fixtures and fittings: black taps and showers made a big comeback in 2019 and will continue to grow in popularity in 2020. There’s a great range of styles available in black, all of which create a bold and impactful statement in any bathroom.

Panelled shower screens: with a nod to Japanese culture, panelled shower screens like the Shoji made a big impact in 2019 and are set to be just as popular for at least the next 12 months. The dramatic black panels create a real focal point in any bathroom, adding unique style to a bathroom of any size.

Super storage solutions: tidiness and organisation never go out of style, so you should be sure to factor in subtle ways of keeping your new bathroom clutter-free. Storage options can take many forms to suit your taste, from industrial style drawers to baskets or ladder shelves. Search bathroom storage ideas for inspiration.

Smarten up: technology is taking hold of our homes - and can that bring some benefits to your bathroom. Smart radiators and towel warmers will keep your bathroom cosy without wasting energy, and Bluetooth enabled mirrors and cabinet will let you enjoy your favourite music while you wash. Or you could take it one step further with a stylish, contemporary and highly personal with a digital shower. Ideal for injecting a little high-tech into your first thing and should be top of the list for any tech savvy shower user! Triton HOME digital mixer showers blend first-rate performance with cutting-edge design.

Whatever your tastes and plans, you can find all the products, advice and inspiration on our pages. Any queries? Just give us a call.