Let Us Introduce You to Dimplex Electric Fires!

Dimplex electric fires are known for creating an impressive cosy atmosphere in an instant. Meet Optiflame and Opti-Myst electric fires for all your stylish electric fire needs!

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We all know that a cosy home is a happy home, so make sure you have your house kitted out with energy efficient, electric heating. We’re so happy to be able to say that soak.com has added Dimplex electric fires to our repertoire of heating options – including their Opti-myst electric fire’s and Optiflame electric fire’s. Intrigued? Electric fires are definitely not as boring as you may think! Read on to find out more…

Who are Dimplex?


Originating from Southampton, Dimplex is a brand of Glen Dimplex Heating & Ventilation, a market leader in intelligent heating and a trusted name in electric flame-effect fires and heating for 70 years. Renowned for innovation, Dimplex products are tried, tested and trusted and thanks to their continuous investment in new technologies, research and design, Dimplex ensures that quality and energy efficiency always remains at the forefront of their products – which is why we love them here at soak.com!

Let Us Introduce You to Dimplex Electric Fires!

What's so good about an electric fire?


1. Dimplex electric fires are easy to install – you literally just plug it in and off you go! There’s also no need for disruptive pipe work as you do not need a chimney or a fireplace, so they’re hassle free too.

2. They’re a safer alternative. If you’ve got small children or pets, you aren’t exposing them to open flames (Of course, we always encourage safety around any type of electric device!) You also won’t need to worry about them causing carbon monoxide poisoning which is an obvious plus in our books.

3. They’re energy efficient. Dimplex said it best themselves – “All Dimplex Optiflame and Opti-myst fires are 100% efficient at point of use, so no heat is wasted helping to reduce your carbon emissions.” How can you argue with that? Point proven.

4. They’re so easy to use – really! No more waiting around for ages for your room to warm up – switch it on (many even have a remote control, and voila, you’re all done.

Let Us Introduce You to Dimplex Electric Fires!
Let Us Introduce You to Dimplex Electric Fires!
Let Us Introduce You to Dimplex Electric Fires!

What is an Opti-Myst Electric Fire and Why Do I Need it?


Opti-myst electric fires are basically the closest thing you can get to a real fire – without it being real fire. The three-dimensional Opti-myst flame effect uses water mist and coloured lighting to create the amazing illusion of real smoke and flames. It provides that cosy, winter evening feel, all year round. We’ll bet you that your guests will genuinely mistake it for a real fire. You fancy pants, you. (We won’t tell if you don’t.) This state of the art, electric fire is a simple way to add warmth to you room – with dramatic results.

What is an Optiflame Electric Fire?


“The Optiflame range has truly revolutionised home heating as technology is fused with the most traditional aspects of life. The patented technology simulates an illusion of flames emanating from the centre of an enhanced depth fuel bed.”

Optiflame electric fires are a ‘more traditional and cost effective 2D flame effect’. So if you’re looking for a soft glow, alongside a realistic ‘flame’ (perhaps on a lower budget too!) an Optiflame electric fire is the one you need. Plug it in and you’re good to go!

For all you need to know about the magic behind Opt-myst, this little video explains it all...

Show me the Dimplex Electric Fires!

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