6 features of Triton Eden showers we love!

Triton showers and Triton power showers are basically royalty in the shower world! We talk through our favourite things about Triton Eden showers so you can see what all the fuss is about.

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Triton showers and Triton power showers are basically royalty in the shower world! We talk through our favourite things about Triton Eden showers so you can see what all the fuss is about. If you're looking for a practical shower solution designed for ease of use and lots of choice, then Triton Eden showers are the one for you!

Triton Eden Showers

Triton Eden showers have an exposed design. Exposed showers are a type of shower where the shower valve is exposed and fitted outside the wall, saving problems later down the line as you do not have to take a wall out to install it. Exposed showers also have a choice of different sized heads and have a choice of square or round designs. They can also be built in if that’s what you’d prefer – the choice is yours!

eden round exposed shower triton
triton eden concentric mixer shower
triton eden bar mixer shower

1. The Triton Shower thermostatic feature!

In terms of safety, the Triton Eden showers have you covered as they feature an anti-scald protection feature. The thermostatic mixer works in a similar way to mixer showers in that they take the water from both hot and cold taps. Their main selling point is that they regulate the temperature and flow to keep them consistent. In basic terms, this means that if someone in the house is using has turned on another tap, you won’t suddenly experience bursts lots of freezing cold or, more importantly, scolding hot water. If this does happen, however, and exceptionally hot water were to pump out, the shower would shut down immediately. This is which is the perfect solution for young families as (we know you don’t have eyes in the back of your head!)

2. There's a soap dish included

We all love a handy feature or two, and the Triton Eden showers include a soap dish! This is genius because, without taking up any extra space, your soap now has a home of its own. Just like that, you have a triton shower and a soap holder all in one!

3. Triton power showers 5 spray patterns

Another feature of Triton Eden showers we love is the range of spray patterns each product has. The shower head offers the choice of 5 different spray patterns so you can tailor your shower to your preference from installation to use! Not only is this great for added practicality and convenience, it means everyone in your family will find a setting that suits them down to the ground. A power shower is great for those that have low water pressure (most likely those with gravity fed water systems in their home) as the added boost can bring some much needed power – especially on those cold mornings! Here’s to triton power showers!

4. Triton Eden Showers simply look great!

We can’t lie when we say another amazing feature is that of Triton Eden showers is that they look good too! It’s so easy to choose something that looks good over what works best for you, but luckily with Triton Eden showers, you don’t have to make that compromise. The elegant lever handles alongside the round shower head creates a classic product that will always look on trend and stylish.

5. Rub clean shower head

We all want to spend less time cleaning and more time relaxing! A feature we love about Triton Eden showers is the rub clean shower head! The rub clean feature is perfect for added practicality and convenience and the clue really is in the name… simply rub clean for a sparkling, clean shower head without having to scrub and use harsh chemicals.

6. Supplied with fast fit brackets

Some Triton Eden showers are supplied with fast fit brackets for effortless installation – which is one less thing for you to worry about!

Which Triton Eden shower to buy?

So we’ve shared with you the 6 features of Triton Eden showers we love – how many of them take your fancy? We’ve got three gorgeous options for you to choose from at soak.com, including Triton Eden Diverter Mixer Shower Round Fixed Head & Slider Rail Kit (UNEDTHBMDIV), Triton Eden Bar Mixer Shower (UNEDTHBM) and Triton Eden Concentric Mixer Shower & Slider Rail (UNEDTHCM) Head on over and have a nose at the Triton Eden showers we have on offer – you lucky so and so!