About soak.com

At soak.com we believe everyone should be able to easily choose and buy the bathroom of their dreams.  Our mission – every single day – is to help you to make your dreams happen. And we like nothing more than to exceed your expectations.

You’re a person with individual wants, needs and style preferences. Whether you're looking for traditional style or modern sophistication, we promise you exquisite quality combined with unbeatable value on a vast range of suites, furniture, baths, showers, enclosures, taps, toilets, basins and of course radiators. 

We understand uncompromising value, quality and service is important to you and we know you’re on a journey that really matters, so we cut through the trade jargon and keep it simple. 

Who is soak.com?

A UK based business, the soak.com head office is in Nuneaton in the West Midlands, where there are over 200 employees, all working to make the bathroom and home heating buying process as simple and easy as possible.

As an ecommerce company, we make sure we offer the best value products to our customers by operating without a store network and by working directly with product manufacturers, which enables us to offer the best quality products at great prices. 

Our distribution centre is located in Liverpool. Our showroom is based at our head office in Nuneaton, offering a bricks and mortar presence to customers who prefer to shop offline. 

Why do our customers choose us?




Everyone at soak.com knows our main value is to bring joy to everyday routines. Like what? Like these: 
•    Bathing your children, splashing around and laughing before bedtime
•    Making sure you look and feel your best before work in the morning
•    Washing the day away after a long commute or gym session
•    Getting ready for an evening out
•    Relaxing in the best way possible (well, whilst you’re awake!)

For each and every one of these instances (and plenty more) your bathroom pays such a key part and for this reason, it should be a place that brings you copious amounts of joy. 




If there’s anyone that can help make your dreams happen, it’s our experts - from our specialists in customer services and our showroom to our designers and technical managers, who write the advice and guidance available across our website and in external publications.

Speak to any one of these people and they’ll take the time to understand what you’re trying to achieve, before helping you to make it happen. 




By now you know we like to keep things simple. Why confuse you with things you might need if you don’t? Or by giving you lots of options without explaining what they actually mean? We want your journey from arriving on the soak.com website to receiving your order to be easy and headache free. 
We won’t confuse you with mixed messages – our focus is always going to be on delivering good value, high quality products at a great price, with service that makes the process enjoyable rather than a drag. If we can help inspire you along the way, we’re even happier.

Ooh to Aah

In short, from the moment you land on soak.com and start thinking ‘Ooh – this would look great in my bathroom’ to the moment you’re standing, sitting or lying in your new bathroom thinking ‘Aah – this is amazing’, there’s expert help available, giving you the reassurance and confidence you need to make your bathroom dreams happen.

The elephant in the room

You may have noticed our logo is an elephant, but not just any elephant – ours is a bath loving, baby elephant called Tully! A fun, friendly character, Tully represents wisdom, support and strength, which are exactly the type of values we would associate soak.com with.

An elephant never forgets of course - and that's also part of our commitment to you. We won’t forget to respond to your questions and will help to make sure that when you have your dream bathroom, you’ll also have your own happy memories of researching, choosing and receiving it.

How can you buy from soak.com?


Whatever stage you’re at in your buying journey, we’ve created ways to shop the soak.com website that will help you to keep the whole process as simple and easy as possible.  From reading guides and requesting catalogues, to adding products to a Wishlist that we’ll email to you if you’re taking your time. We even offer up to 2 years’ interest free credit if you need to order a new bathroom quickly. 

We’ll help you to find what you need and to order it for delivery as quickly as the very next day.

Customer services

If you would like a little help along the way, never hesitate to ask. Message us via Live Chat - available on our product pages, or call our customer service team who are always happy to provide you with expert advice and to even place orders for you, over the telephone.


To see our products and to speak to an expert about everything from soil pipes to how much space you need in which type of wall for a concealed shower, visit our showroom in Nuneaton. Our showroom team know our products inside out and can help you with everything from the start of planning a bathroom to placing the order for you.

Our culture


Since 2017 we’ve supported a local charity, Zoё's Place Baby Hospice in Coventry. Everyone gets involved in fundraising in one way or another, with some of the standout charity events including running the Chicago Marathon, fancy dress, bake sales and raffles.  

What it’s like to work at soak.com 

Alice Whordley, Customer Services Team Leader:

In customer services we work together with other departments from logistics to finance and even marketing, to give customers information, reassurance and advice. We know ordering bathroom products and radiators is a big deal and being surrounded by people who genuinely want to help make the process as simple as possible makes it feel like we’re all one big team.

If you’re tempted to join the team, see our careers page for current vacancies.

Our logo isn’t the only thing that’s green

As we all know, when it comes to the environment, every little helps. So, working in association with complydirect.com we have made sure you are able to recycle our packaging.