How To Renovate Your Bathroom Yourself

Renovating a bathroom really breathes new life into your home, adds value and makes it much more of a pleasure to live in. But with the average bathroom renovation costing around £4,500 it can be a big undertaking.

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If you have a bit of DIY experience under your belt, you can save significantly on those costs by renovating your bathroom yourself. It’s challenging – but very rewarding in the end.

Here's how to go about it:

Plan your bathroom renovation carefully

It’s vital to have spent a decent amount of time measuring the bathroom space and working out how to place everything you need in the right spot. Bear in mind that moving certain items away from their original spot will mean you need new pipework– so keep the toilet and shower where they are if you can. Renovating a small bathroom? Be sure to check out our handy tips to maximise space.

Don’t worry! Lots of bathroom renovation tasks are simpler than you think

You can really improve the look and feel of your bathroom quite easily. Changing a shower head is a simple job that doesn’t even need any tools. Installing a bath panel is equally straightforward.

Keep bathroom items that are still in good condition

Often it’s not necessary to replace everything in your bathroom. Perhaps your bath or sink is looking OK, and it’s just a case of replacing the taps and wastes. These are fairly simple jobs – check out our ‘how to’ videos on installing a sink waste and adding a basin mixer tap.

Get the kit for your bathroom items

If you do decide to buy new bathroom items such as sinks, baths or shower enclosures, make sure you have all the items and tools you need to fit them. At we provide full details of the kit you will need for every unit, and make it easy to buy as part of your order.

Shop installation kits

Be bold with your bathroom additions

You can make a big difference in your bathroom with a statement item – such as these floating sinks. They give any space a highly contemporary feel. Check out the matte black version with matching taps!

Add new mirrors and shelving to update the look

A new mirror or mirrored cabinet can have a strong impact as part of your bathroom renovation, and help distribute the light around the room. Whether your style is uber modern or more traditional, a well-designed mirror will really lift the space.

Go online for renovation advice

Renovating a bathroom is easier than ever thanks to the wealth of advice and instruction you can find on the web. Even the professionals resort to YouTube videos and How To guides sometimes.

Ask for help

A lot of bathroom renovation jobs are made much easier with a second pair of hands. Line up your partner, a friend or a family member to help you with the bigger, more awkward jobs. Get clued up with bathroom renovation dos and donts!

Don’t forget the finishing touches

Accessories like new window blinds, storage baskets and towels are a relatively cheap way to finish off your new look, and don’t take too much technical expertise. Hit the shops in the final stage of your bathroom renovation.

Enjoy renovating your bathroom – we’d love to see the results, so please share them with us on our social channels!