Revealing the Top Bathroom Bugbears

What’s the most annoying thing about a bathroom? We carried out a survey of 1,000 people to determine the top bathroom bugbears for people across the nation.

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Under pressure

In first place, shower pressure! Nobody likes a dribble, especially in the bathroom. We’ve all stayed in a property where there’s a slow trickle from the shower which barely reaches your body, let alone allows you to properly wash yourself. The frustration it causes turns shower-time bliss into an unpleasant ordeal and, at, we believe your shower should be full of power!

What can you do about it? Don’t worry, we have your back. For all the information you need on shower pressure - including how to know what pressure you need and how to check your pressure - visit our how-to guide.

Despite pressure being such an annoyance, showers remain hugely popular with the British public – with women spending longer under one every day than males. More than 62 per cent of men are in and out the shower in 10 minutes but over half of women spend longer than that enjoying a refreshing experience.

We have a full range of showers available at so you don’t have to suffer the dreaded drip of shower time. 

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Running out of space

In at number two is shortage of space in the bathroom. Now, we can’t change the size of your room but there are some small bathroom ideas we can give you which will help make the most of the limited space you may have. Check them out and avoid finding yourself longing for a larger bathroom space. 

That leads us onto the next bathroom irritation – lack of storage. It’s easy for your bathroom to become cluttered and full of half empty bottles, which definitely isn’t pleasing on the eye. Storage units don’t have to be big and ugly though, we have plenty of storage options available for all sizes and styles of bathroom. All that’s left to do is keep the toiletries tidy.  

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For more inspiration for how to have an annoyance-free bathroom, visit our bathroom ideas blog