Which Lighting is Best for Which Room?

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Have you ever walked into a room at someone else’s house and been blown away by how lighting highlights features in all the right places? Or can you remember a time when you were instantly drawn to a light fixture that stands out as the room’s focal piece? We’ve all had occasional mesmerised moth-like tendencies but achieving lighting that really changes a room is an absolute art.

In reality, so much goes into professional lighting plans that cover really clever stuff around actual light colour and brightness, there are whole careers and university courses solely focused on it! So without going into too much detail, we look at some top tips for considering what type of light is needed, taking purpose and aesthetics into account.

Why lighting is so important

Choosing the ideal lighting isn’t as simple as just picking what looks best – there’s much more fun to be had than that. Lighting planning is broken down into task, general and mood lighting. So, a kitchen wouldn’t usually have mood lighting but it would have lots of task (countertop) lighting and a general ceiling light. And lighting for kitchens will be different to the mood lighting that’s best for living rooms. 

Going one step further, think about lighting on a personal level. Will you have the ability to dim your room’s lighting if you’ve got a migraine? Or to brighten it to create the perfect lighting conditions for studying? There are lots of things you specifically need lighting for – so think about whether you’ll have the lighting that’s best for makeup or a brightness that’s better suited to keeping your pet tortoise alive.

kitchen with beautiful lighting

The best lighting for each room

With so much to consider when it comes to choosing types of lighting, it helps to have an idea which lighting is more suited to different rooms, especially if you’ve got standout style that creates a vintage or industrial feel.

Top tips for kitchen lighting

Ceiling tracks are good in kitchens, as they are general lights, but as you can direct them they also function well as task lights -  just be careful when planning where these will go, to avoid shadows on the worktop.

Pendants look good over tables and breakfast bars, they give good task lights for eating, but also act as mood lighting when the cooking is finished and you’re sitting down to eat. The best bit about pendant lighting? There are so many styles of pendant lighting to choose from!

By focusing on lighting for kitchen islands, you can concentrate on creating a bright and bold focal point or something that adds balance against the rest of the kitchen. For large kitchens, something like an industrial style glass pendant light would create a great lighting display to cover a large surface, or for smaller kitchens, there’s the 2 light version.

To combine a mix of modern style with a vintage feel, consider something like a single black and copper pendant light.  Our Urban pendant light hits the nail on the head. 

If you’re looking for more minimalist kitchen lighting, consider a wooden ceiling light or even industrial pendant lighting styles. The Citizen kitchen island light is a great simple yet stylish example. 

glass kitchen island light
black and copper pendant light
black & wood ligh

Bedroom lighting insights

Bedroom lighting should also be ideally approached by thinking about what the light is for first. Here are some examples of how task, mood and general lighting could be used:

•    Task lighting: An LED mirror creates great lighting for makeup as the light comes from all the way round, avoiding shadows.
    Task and mood lighting: Include a desk lamp or bedside lamp for reading, making sure you use a warm light colour as this is more soothing before bedtime.
•    General lighting: A pendant light will give your bedroom a blanket light effect to help find your clothes on a dark winter morning.


You could combine all of the above and many beautifully lit bedrooms do! Another benefit of using multiple lights in the bedroom is that by having different levels of light available, sharing a room with someone who has a different sleeping pattern to you becomes a lot easier. For example you could just turn a lamp or LED mirror on if you want to let the other person sleep whilst you get ready for bed at night or ready for work in the morning. 

Lighting sections of a bedroom instead of lighting the whole thing up like a spaceship also makes the bedroom a great place for resting and recovering (just in case you’re hanging more than the lights!). For a blend of charm and colour, check out the Omnia copper light range:


copper pendant light
geometric copper table lamp
geometric copper pendant light

If copper isn’t your colour but you love modern lighting with a geometric style, perhaps you’d prefer our white and rose gold or black lights. 

Living room lighting

When it comes to ideal lighting, a living room is really similar to a bedroom: the main focus is to relax, so you need soft pools of light.  However, if you like to use your living room for tasks that require more concentration (and more light) like sewing, reading or even working, then a directional floor lamp next to where you sit makes a big difference. Living rooms also need a general light to wash over the whole room, which is especially useful when vacuuming.

With so many people spending time in your living room and so many reasons to be in there, a mix of lighting levels is ideal for this room too. In Lloyd’s Britain at Home Report, the average Brit spends 3 hours and 48 minutes each day in their living room, so where better to go a bit crazy with statement lighting?

Living room lighting inspiration 

Pair up different types of cage lights for an atmospheric boudoir look and feel:

black floor lamp
black and copper table lamp
ceiling black pendant light

For a splash of colour in your living room, use a tripod floor lamp to create light in just one corner. Take a look at our apricot or pastel green tripod floor lamps for some lamp inspiration. 

Stairs and hallway lighting

Set the tone of how stylish your home is with vibrant, elegant or modern ceiling lights for your hall and stairway. For this area of your home, grey light can be brilliant for creating an understated style whilst leaving a lasting impression. 

If industrial lighting is your cup of tea, it doesn’t get much different than a concrete pendant light. If simplicity is key, a pastel grey light may be all you need. Or if you’ve got lots of room, a 4-light hanging pendant light will really brighten up your entrance-way: 

concrete light
grey light
steel kitchen light

It may also be useful to consider that ceiling lights are perfect for spaces with lower ceilings.  Our black and copper bowl light is flush to the ceiling so a stylish addition to any hallway or stairway. 

Bathroom lighting

First thing’s first, when it comes to bathroom lighting make sure it’s safe in a place where everything gets wet and steamy. There is a commonly used rating system for bathroom lighting called IP (ingress protection) ratings.  Depending on where you want the light in your bathroom to be positioned e.g. ceiling, walls or even above the sink, the IP rating will change. You can use the IP ratings to check that a certain light fitting is suitable to be used where you want it.

Also bear in mind that unless you opt for a battery powered light-up mirror or LED mirror cabinet as a lighting source (and you should, but also alongside a general light – which is especially useful for cleaning your bathroom), you’re going to need an electricity supply.

Which new lighting will you choose?

We are in love with our lighting range (you can probably tell). If you love it as much as we do, why not create the perfect lighting in every room in your house? It’s the guaranteed way to make a difference straight away – plus you get to add your own personal style absolutely everywhere!

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