Sinks Buying Guide

Here at, we know the importance of finding a sink that suits your needs perfectly, whether that’s style or design. Check out our handy guide to find your perfect match.

Posted by: Sunny, 03rd April 2019


What size sink should I buy?

As there are so many different styles of sinks available, we’d recommend that you work out what size you want. There’s no point buying a large, rectangular sink only to find out it doesn’t fit when you come to install it! One way to tackle this is to work out the size of your current sink (if you’re replacing it) or to measure up the space where you want your new sink to go.

Chances are you’ll be looking for a sink mixer tap to install in the basin. Mixer taps combine both hot and cold water so that it’s easier to find the perfect temperature. Single mixer taps also offer a more modern design to keep in trend with contemporary styles. However, if it’s a traditional style that catches your eye then you may want to consider a sink that offers two tap holes.

Luckily, all of the sinks on our website contain a detailed specification breakdown, including size, weight and number of tap holes.


Pedestal Sinks

Pedestal sinks are your quintessential basin option and probably the one people recognise the most. The benefits of a pedestal sink is that it hides any pipework, leaving you with a clean and tidy finish. The basin is actually supported by a fixture to the wall so you needn’t worry about the pedestal taking the weight of your sink. We have a superb range of both contemporary and more traditional sinks, which you can find, here.

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Wall Hung Basins

Wall hung basins are a great choice if you’re working with a small space. They attach to the wall which allows you to utilise the space underneath the sink. It’s important to remember that with wall mounted basins, the pipework underneath the sink will be exposed and visible. This doesn’t need to be unsightly, however, so investing in chic chrome basin wastes and bottle traps can turn it into a stylish addition. You can browse our selection of wall mounted basins, here.

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Counter Top Sinks

The bathroom is an area of the home where space is usually at a premium. Installing a counter top sink is a handy way to utilise space as there’s no need to fix a pedestal. A counter top sink also has the added advantage of bringing a super stylish, modern edge to your bathroom. As it looks as if the sink has simply been placed on the countertop or vanity unit, it leaves your bathroom with a minimalistic, orderly finish and plenty of space for furniture and storage. If you’re looking to breathe some life back into your bathroom with a counter top sink, you can view our range, here.

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