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Bathroom cleaning tips

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Your bathroom should be a little haven in your home – a mini spa that you can visit every day! But a bathroom that lacks sparkle won’t have the relaxing effect you’re seeking. 

A deep clean will bring your bathroom back to its best and give you that oasis of calm in your busy life. Here are our tips to make the bathroom blitz a breeze…

1.    Clear the space

First remove all toiletries and clutter – disposing of anything that isn’t being used. Then you can really get at all the areas that need cleaning. 

2.    Make your shower shine and your bath bright

Spray a bathroom cleaner onto the tiles, shower head and screen. Leave for a minute or two and rinse off. Use a scrubbing brush on the tile grout to help polish it up and wipe over all other surfaces, then rinse. The secret to spotless shower screens and doors is to invest in a squeegee. If you use it after every shower you’ll rarely need to scrub! For your bath, use the same approach on any surrounding tiles, then use a bathroom cleaner to wipe over the edges and sides of your tub to get it gleaming again.

3.    Cleaning grubby grout

If the grouting between your tiles has become stained and discoloured, it will need a little more TLC to get it looking great. Many people swear by mixing a little bicarbonate of soda with water, spreading it on the grout for 30 minutes or overnight, then scrubbing off. You can also try toothpaste and a toothbrush! Other options include grout pens, designed to restore grouting to its original colour. 

4.    Minimise mould in your bathroom

You may find that there are spots of black mould on the sealant around your bath or shower. This can usually be removed with bleach, or you can buy mould and mildew solution in most supermarkets. If the sealant has really seen better days, it’s easier than you think to remove and replace. Once you have the right products it only takes 30 minutes or so – see this YouTube video for tips. 

5.    Getting rid of bathroom limescale 

Your taps and sink wastes might have become dull with a coating of limescale. Many bathroom cleaners contain a limescale remover. Just squirt it on to any affected areas, leave for a minute or two and wipe off. It feels great to restore that shine! 

6.    How to clean your toilet

This is never the most enjoyable bathroom cleaning job, but it’s an important one. Spritz an antibacterial spray on all surfaces, including under and behind the seat. Then wipe clean with a cloth or paper towel. Before putting the toilet cleaner in the bowl, use the toilet brush in a plunging motion to lower the water level. This way the tide line left by the water will be bleached away.

7.    Cleaning wastes and plug holes

It doesn’t take long for hair and dirt to build up in a plug hole and that could cause a blockage. Make sure you clean your sink, bath and shower traps once a week to keep things flowing nicely. 

8.    Clean the bathroom floor

Vacuum and then mop your bathroom floor to return it to optimum cleanliness. Now all that’s left is to replace any towels and bathmats with freshly laundered, fluffy replacements. 
Cleaning the bathroom is one of the most satisfying of housekeeping jobs. Enjoy its shiny, freshly scented spotlessness! You’ll enjoy your next bath or shower all the more.

Finishing touches for squeaky clean bathrooms

If you want to freshen up your bathroom even more, try adding some brand new accessories.   A new toilet roll holder and robe hook can create a cleaner feel, or try adding a plant to literally breathe fresh life into your bathroom.