Cloakroom Ideas: Save Space with a Wall Hung Vanity Unit

When designing a bathroom, you’ll want to consider the type of space you’re working with. If it’s a small bathroom or cloakroom, take a look at these tips and tricks to maximise your space.

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   Clever Cloakroom Ideas

One of the first things you’ll want to consider when designing a bathroom or choosing your bathroom furniture is the type of space you’re working with. If it’s a small bathroom or cloakroom bathroom, you’ll want to look at what space saving designs are available to maximise your area. There are now some really ingenious options such as slimline bathroom storage and narrow bathroom cabinets that will help you create a practical bathroom without sacrificing on style.

In this blog, we take a closer look at the benefits that a wall hung vanity unit can bring to your cloakroom bathroom.

What is a Wall Hung Vanity Unit?

Wall hung vanity units are pretty much what they say in the name – they’re installed onto your wall and not to the floor so that you can enjoy the extra space underneath. Wall hung vanity units are perfect for maximising every inch of your bathroom as they allow the eye to scan the floor quicker – meaning it appears bigger!

Wall hung vanity units have more benefits than just looking pretty! They tend to be smaller in size small or slim and therefore offer a great space saving solution. Minimalist and compact, they won’t dominate the room your bathroom which iswhich is perfect for those with a particular idea in mind. They’re also easy to clean so, if you’re a bit of a neat freak, you can reach all those tricky areas without having to stretch beforehand. Wall hung vanity units are a lifesaver for narrow or cloakroom bathrooms smaller spaces (or if you just don’t fancy larger pieces!)

Cloakroom Vanity Units

Cloakroom is the term used to describe a toilet that is on the smaller side but if we’re being particular – it’s actually the downstairs toilet! So, the term Cloakroom vanity unit refers to furniture that has been created to fit in with this space – who doesn’t love a bit of space saving bathroom storage?

A vanity unit is a piece of furniture that has a basin set on a flat top and usually has cupboards underneath. Cloakroom vanity units will add a wow factor to your bathroom in an instant and can quite often become a focal point to the whole room. This is why we have a wide range of slimline and wall hung cloakroom vanity units for you to choose from – the options are endless!

Space Saving Bathroom Storage

What’s great about wall hung vanity units is that they are designed to save you space so you don’t need to worry about whether a having a small cloakroom vanity unit that will be fit for purpose. Even our slim bathroom cabinet’s still have room for you to store some toiletries away and out of sight too.

Denver Peppermint Green Right Hand Cloakroom Vanity Unit - Wall Hung
If we were to single one out (although we do love them all), feast your eyes on our Denver Peppermint Green Cloakroom Vanity Unit – how mint is that? We’ve combined compact, space saving bathroom furniture storage with creative, considered design to transform your small or cloakroom bathroom - ensuring plenty of storage space too!
If you're looking for slimline bathroom storage, our Portland Gloss White Slimline Basin Unit has a reversible door for left or right opening so that it can suit the space you have available. The measurements have also been taken into mind so that you’re not battling with chunky furniture that takes up unnecessary room.
Portland Gloss White Slimline Basin Unit - Wall Hung
Brooklyn All in One Gloss White Vanity Unit - Wall Hung
If you're really looking to save on space, Our Brooklyn All in One Vanity Unit has a basin, towel rail and toilet roll holder for the ultimate package. Both the towel rail and toilet roll holder can be fitted either left or right to make the most of whatever precious space you have in your cloakroom. Plus, it looks pretty cute! 

Which wall hung vanity unit should I pick?

Now you’re a bit more clued up, it’s time to look through our wide range of cloakroom vanity units and wall hung vanity units for all your slimline bathroom storage needs!