How to Clean Your Bath, Shower & Wet Room Screen

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‘How do I clean my shower glass?’ is a question we get asked a lot! But is it important? Well, we spend a lot of time in the shower (and they can be used by quite a few people!) so it’s essential that we do the little things that keeps them working to the best of their ability. Limescale no more!

How to clean glass shower screens & bath screens: a gleaming clean screen

How do I remove limescale from a shower screen? 

Although there are plenty of hard-core cleaning products available to you on the market, we think the gentler approach can be just as effective (and you may also save a few pennies!). 

What will I need to clean my shower screen? 

•    A toothbrush
•    A sponge/cloth
•    Vinegar
•    Water


To get started, you’ll need a bit of elbow grease! Remove any excess grime with an old toothbrush so that your canvas is a bit easier to work with. 

Once you’ve done your best with the toothbrush, create your quick and easy solution of half water and half vinegar. Then, use a sponge or a cloth to apply it to your screen. Hopefully, you’ll start to see some movement and, if not, try going back in with the toothbrush and repeating the steps. You could also try using the rougher side of a non-scratch scouring pad before wiping off and buffing with a dry cloth. You can even add the solution to a bottle with a spray and directly apply it to your shower – and it’s ready to use next time!

How can I prevent this from happening in the future? 

We’ve answered the ‘How do I clean my shower glass?’ question – but what about prevention? 

We know that cleaning your entire shower after each use would be the ideal solution in a perfect world – and that it’s just not going to happen! Those blurry eyed morning pick me ups and the rushed 5-minute power showers don’t always allow much cleaning time. So, to keep your shower in tip top condition without having to have a deep clean every time you do, we would recommend keeping a squeegee nearby. All you need to do is remove any water residue. By doing this, you're reducing the opportunity for the lime scale minerals to form. Voila! 

Is your shower beyond repair? Or are you looking for a new one to take care of? Go on… have a look at our gorgeous range of showers. Happy cleaning! 

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