Wall hung toilets – everything you need to know!

So, they look pretty exciting – but are wall hung toilets worth all the hype? If you want a short answer, then yes, they are! If you’re after a bit more detail then read on…

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As far as toilets go, wall hung toilets are pretty exciting for us here at soak.com. “Why is that?” I hear you cry! There are actually a few reasons for why we think they’re the best thing to happen to toilets since the soft close lid! They may seem pretty alien to begin with, but they’re harmless and very, very impressive. We’ve answered a few common misconceptions in the hope that we’ll help you make an informed decision.




What are wall hung toilets?

Wall hung toilets are pretty much what they say in the name – they’re installed onto your wall and not to the floor. The cistern is concealed in the wall too which makes the overall appearance of a wall hung toilet very modern.

Are wall hung toilets any good?

Yes, definitely! There are numerous reasons why wall hung toilets are a great addition to your bathroom.

  1. 1. They’re really easy to clean

    As the toilet is elevated several inches off the floor, you can easily clean underneath it and around it. This is great because conventional toilets have several places that are harder to get too – yet germs may find their way!
  2. 2. They’ll save you hassle

    We’ve already mentioned they’re pretty easy to clean, which ultimately means you’ll spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying your wonderful bathroom. Did someone say tub time?
  3. 3. More efficient flush

    The innovative design allows for a more efficient flush as it circulates the bowl completely.

Are wall hung toilets secure/strong/safe?

Unless you’re planning to jump on it or plod yourself down with extreme force, then yes – don’t worry, you’re safe. They are designed to hold up to 300kg so if you’re within that range, it’s all good. (We would just recommend treating it with care like you would any other toilet.)

Are wall hung toilets more expensive?

Yes, they are slightly more in price than your standard toilet but by no means expensive! For the extra pros that you receive, it’s worth every extra penny. Plus, the efficient flush may save you money in the long run…

If you’re wanting to increase the cleanliness in your bathroom, a wall hung toilet is definitely the way to go. Anything that cuts down on cleaning time is a must have in our books!

I'm feeling wall hung!