Bathroom Tap Cleaning Hacks

Love it or hate it, bathroom cleaning is a job that needs doing regularly. The more often you clean, the faster it becomes, so it’s worth keeping on top of this chore.

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One of the more challenging jobs in your bathroom is keeping your taps tip top! When we buy taps we spend time choosing a design we like, and it’s sad to see them lose their shine. Here are our top bathroom cleaning hacks for taps.

Light cleaning for taps

If good housekeeping is one of your strengths you’ll only need to do a quick tap wipe over once every few days. The aim is to remove any water marks, toothpaste or other spills. A damp microfibre cloth is often enough for this job – and then you can polish to a shine with a dry cloth.

Removing tap limescale

Keep an eye out for limescale and tackle it as soon as it appears. The more it builds up, the more difficult it is to remove. Check around the base of the tap and at the end of the spout – these are the real hot spots.

You can remove limescale in a few ways. The most natural approach is to use lemon juice or vinegar. Both are acidic and will react with the limescale to dissolve it. Some bathroom cleaners also contain limescale remover, and you’ll notice the scale start to fizz as you apply the product.

For very scaled taps you can buy strong limescale remover. Soak it onto a cloth and wrap it around the affected area – you can use a rubber band to hold it in place as it works. Always read the instructions before you start.

How to clean chrome taps

Chrome taps are hugely popular for our bathrooms as they give a fantastic shiny finish. They’re hard wearing too, so they should last for many years.

The best way to keep chrome taps looking good is to clean them often. A quick wipe over and then a dry will return that irresistible shine in no time.

If you do need to tackle more stubborn stains, mould or limescale, apply a bathroom cleaner, let it soak as per the product’s instructions, scrub and rinse. Repeat as many times as it takes to get the taps back to their former glory.

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How to clean black taps

There’s a big and growing trend for black taps in our bathrooms today and some people do hesitate before buying them, wondering how easy they are to keep clean. Well, the good news is that black taps are easy to clean, as long as you take a little care.

The main thing to remember when cleaning black taps is not to use anything too abrasive, especially if your taps have a matte finish. That means no scourers or strong chemicals. The best approach is to use warm soapy water and a microfibre cloth and clean regularly.

If your black taps need a little more TLC, try mild cleaners and vinegar as a gentler way to restore their good looks.

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