Bathtub Materials

Buying a new bathtub is pretty exciting – it’s probably going to become the best place for you to relax in peace for years to come and if you’ve got kids, it’ll be the place where endless smiles and laughter emanate from. As such an important place for you and your family, we wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve got an idea of exactly what you’re looking for already – in which case, shopping by bathtub material is the ideal place to start!

If you’re not sure what type of bathtub materials will fit in with your bathroom size and style, we recommend looking at all the different types of baths available before you make your decision.

Here we have fantastic quality baths, ranging from modern bathtub styles in stone and acrylic to more traditional cast iron freestanding baths. For a super luxury look that injects style into both modern and traditional bathrooms, a copper bathtub is well worth a look! We even have copper radiators and shower fixtures to match.

Whichever bathtub material you choose – be it a stone bath, an acrylic bath or a statement making luxury copper or cast iron bathtub, we’re excited for you to find the best bath and start enjoying it!

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