Shower Baths

A shower bath is ideal for homes where the bathroom isn’t quite spacious enough to enjoy the luxury of a separate bath/shower. We don’t want you to miss out! You no longer have to compromise and enjoy a nice, long soak on those quieter days or a refreshing shower, for those get-up-and-go days. The perfect solution for the modern family home – allowing you to relish in the best of both worlds of baths and showers.

Shower baths are also the perfect space saving solution for small bathrooms, providing extra showering space for your family bathroom or ensuite. Available in a variety of shapes: straight, l-shaped, d-shaped and p-shaped baths you’ve got a choice of which style would be best for your room.

Don't forget its perfect accompaniment – a shower bath screen! Shop our catalogue of shower bath screens, from our industrial-inspired Crittall style black screens to a functional folding shower screen. 

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1 - 14 of 14 products