Straight Baths

A long, steamy soak is one of life’s simple pleasures - and you need a wonderful bath to enjoy your tub time in! We know that not every bathroom is as huge and luxurious as you see in all those glossy magazines, but we also know that doesn’t mean your smaller bathroom can’t be just as impressive.

Probably the most common bath in UK households, the straight bath is a great practical option as it can fit snuggly into your bathroom layout and has a large selection of sizes to choose from. Double-ended straight baths are also available, providing the option to recline at each end, depending on your preference.

Leave it to us - we cater for bathrooms on the smaller side with options such as straight baths, narrow bath’s and short bathtubs so that you don’t have to miss out. In fact, there are loads of bathroom ideas for small bathrooms so don’t let that stop you.

For top tips on the practicalities of different types of bath styles and sizes, take a look at our handy baths buying guide.

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1 - 2 of 2 products