Behind the scenes of our new Christmas TV Ad

It's officially acceptable to start the Christmas celebrations and at we have been preparing for months! We want to be 'the advert with the elephant!' and here's how we did it...

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We'd like to introduce you to Tully...

Have you met our friend Tully? Tully is our resident elephant and we've made it a priority of ours for you to get acquainted. What better time to introduce you properly than at Christmas

Making the TV ad

At, we were inspired by the magical DNA of Disney and wanted to incorporate that into our latest ad. Anyone who has watched a Disney film will recognise the feeling they get as the credits roll (warm, fuzzy and maybe a little bit teary!) and the film stays with you for a long time to come. This is exactly what we wanted to capture and seeing Tully help his partner in crime definitely gave us that feeling!

We also wanted to throw in a little inspiration from Pete’s Dragon as little Lucy is the only one who can see our Tully as he causes mischief in the bathroom. What would her parents say if they saw?!

The imagination carried on long into filming as the cast had to act alongside an actor that wasn’t quite there… Tully consisted of an arm with tights and super soakers! We also used a dry ice/smoke machine to create a mysterious effect which, (fun fact!) was the same way that ET was filmed.

Behind the scenes gossip

The ad itself was filmed over two days at two locations – in Rochdale and our very own HQ in Nuneaton. There was pizza all round and a certain 'delivery man' had an accidental snooze on set... Oh, did we mention? The ad stars two of's finest actors (or in other words, two members of the herd who really wanted to get involved!)

The making of #TullyTheElephant

We wanted to remember this magical moment in history so we've filmed a cheeky bit of BTS footage for you to enjoy. Have a watch and tell us what you think!

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Let your imagination go wild

We attached a little piece of our heart to this advert and we hope it stole a little bit of yours.

Dare to believe that your family bathroom can be all you ever imagined.