Infographic: How energy efficient are electric radiators and heaters?

Energy efficiency matters to the modern consumer. We can see that in the behaviour of people buying new products and shopping around for a better deal on their bills.

How energy efficient are electric radiators?

In an exclusive survey for, we found that by far the most popular main reason for someone choosing to purchase a new radiator is the lack of efficiency in their old model. That’s true whether someone is replacing one or all of their radiators, and shows why there’s a strong demand for energy efficient heaters. People also told us that performance and heat output is the first factor they look at when choosing a new radiator.

People have also seen positive results from switching to products such as energy efficient electric fires. Indeed, the i paper recently reported that customers have saved, on average, £290 a year thanks to energy-efficient appliances.

But just how efficient is an energy efficient electric heater?

We crunched some numbers to demonstrate the green credentials of these popular products...

Energy Efficient Radiators Infographic | How Efficient? |

What makes electric radiators and heaters energy efficient?

Electric heaters are known as ‘100% efficient’ - meaning that all of the electricity they use is converted into energy. In some cases, they can use as much as two or three times less energy than immersion heaters.

The range of energy efficient electric fires at start from 1.2KW - which means they can use as much as a third of the energy of a kettle or large washing machine, half that of an oven and about a tenth of an electric shower.

Gas might be cheaper than electricity, but electric radiators are much simpler to install and maintain - and the pipes and vents required to power a gas heating system can be very costly to repair and replace.

Many energy efficient electric radiators are easy to transport too - meaning that you can choose to only heat the parts of the house that you need to keep warm.

What is the best energy efficient electric radiator?

While halogen heaters and oil-filled radiators are low energy heaters that use less electricity than convector heaters and radiant bar fires, you need to consider how much heat you need for your space to decide upon the best choice for your circumstances. Wall mounted energy efficient electric fires are able to project heat to a bigger space and come with a 2D flame effect that helps you to feel doubly cosy.