Showers Buying Guide

Choosing a Shower

What type do i need?

We sell several types of showers:

Exposed showers

Exposed showers are fitted outside the wall which saves problems later down the line as you do not have to take a wall out to install it. Exposed showers also have a choice of different sized heads and have a choice of square or round designs. We even have one with a built in shelf!

Concealed showers

Concealed showers designs instantly provide a modern aesthetic as the components are hidden behind the wall. This creates a clean, fresh and impressive design. You can choose from different sized shower heads, a waterfall head and square or round valves – the choice is yours! You can even enjoy body jets in your shower from the comfort of your own home!

Electric showers

Electric showers provide a whole host of benefits. If you haven’t got a boiler in your home, then an electric shower could be the option for you as there is no need for it to be connected to hot water mains.

Thanks to an ingenious heating element installed within the shower, the water is heated ‘on demand’ meaning you and your family can shower for as long as you like without running out of water.

Installing an electric shower is more energy efficient as they heat the water. This is in contrast to a home with a boiler water system that has to heat a whole tank of water, which wastes energy in the process. However, electric showers can also increase your installation costs as a qualified professional will need to manage the setup (but we think it’s worth it).

What's the difference between a power shower and an electric shower?

A power shower pumps hot and cold water to your shower where you have low pressure and does not heat the water. An electric shower, on the other hand, pressurises and heats the water all at once and is normally found in homes that have low water pressure.

Digital showers

If you’re looking for a shower that is packed with innovative new design features, then a digital shower may be the choice for you. Put simply, it gives an individual complete control over their shower experience.

The intuitive display options allow you to change the temperature with precision, regulate the flow and even save user preferences. Another great benefit is that, thanks to wireless technology, the box can be installed with ease, anywhere within the home.

Bar mixer showers

Enjoy the best of both worlds with an included bath filler. Whether your preference is showering or bathing there is no need to compromise.

Both of these options make it easy to replace old showers and provides a quick replacement item. They are also affordable yet you still achieve an exposed look. There are different design valves available and different handheld shower heads. You can also choose from deck mounted (at the end of your bath) or wall mounted. Some also have the option for a bath tap if that is what you’re looking for!

Lingo tip: Thermostatic shower

Thermostatic mixer showers work in a similar way to mixer showers as they take the water from hot and cold taps. Their main selling point is that they regulate the temperature and flow to keep them consistent. This means that if someone in the house is using another tap, you won’t suddenly experience bursts of freezing cold or, more importantly, scolding hot water. If exceptionally hot water were to pump out, the shower would shut down immediately – the perfect solution for young families (we know you don’t have eyes in the back of your head!)

Useful things to consider

Whatever type of shower your choose, here are some useful thigs to consider.

Modern vs. Traditional

Based on the options above, you have the choice of two designs. You can decide whether you would prefer a modern shower or traditional shower.

Modern showers

A modern shower is smooth, sleek and fits into a more minimalist aesthetic. This coincides with modern bathroom fixtures such as squared sink basins and sharper angled baths. A modern design also has hidden pipework to provide a contemporary, tidy and fresh feel to your bathroom.

Traditional showers

A traditional shower will probably have more emphasis on graceful curves and classically-styled handles. Traditional styles are often chosen for their timeless appeal as they are less likely to look dated in years to come. If you’re after more of a vintage themed bathroom, a traditional style could be just what you’re looking for.


A good way of keeping costs down is with a great value shower mixer. This type of product attaches directly to your hot and cold water taps, making this easy to install by anyone who is confident at DIY.

Electric showers can also be another great way of saving money. Thanks to their ‘on demand’ design, you only use the water that you need. We believe this is pretty energy efficient as large cylinders of water won’t need to be heated unnecessarily. The water flow controls can also limit the amount of water you use which should save you money in the long term – and who can complain about that? It is definitely a good idea to hire a tried and tested professional when it comes to electric showers as combining water and electric requires expertise.

When purchasing a shower, our main advice would be to try and stretch your budget as far as possible. If it’s part of a whole bathroom renovation, or just a shower upgrade, a good quality shower can have a huge impact on the overall experience of your bathroom.

For example, thermostatic showers may be a little more expensive but you will have the added benefits of maintaining a constant temperature. You also won’t experience temperature drops or rises if another family member uses another tap or toilet.

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Now you’ve topped up your knowledge and made it to the end (woo!), you’re ready to delve into our wonderful range of showers and pick one that is not too hot, not too cold but just right!