Check in to our Sherbet Spaceship - Hotel Collection

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Sherbet Spaceship is jam packed with the latest technology for your very own bathroom. Paired with a sweet dash of sherbet, this design is ahead of its time...

Lets get technical...

“It’s not that we use technology, we live technology.”  

- Godfrey Reggio


Inspired by the sweetness of sherbet, our Sherbet Spaceship room set is out of this world! We’ve really gone to space with this design and we think we’ve created a glimpse into the future…

The peachy-pink tone softens the futuristic, high tech features without making them appear clinical – which makes it easier to introduce into your own home. Take a closer look at the products and you’ll see that we’ve utilised curved architecture to create that ultramodern, space-ship feel. We’ve also used Geometrics to contrast against the smooth, matte finish of the rest of the room set.

hotel collection sherbet spaceship
hotel collection sherbet spaceship toilet
hotel collection sherbet spaceship mirror

We just can’t talk about our Sherbet Spaceship without mentioning the all singing, all dancing Sensia Arena Smart Toilet – it’s packed with features we didn’t even know we needed! *Takes a deep breath* Are you ready?

  • Two separate self-cleaning spray heads that you can adjust for position, pressure and temperature.
  • Oscillating and massage spray options.
  • A warm air dryer function.
  • An automatic seat and lid opening.
  • Automatic cleaning.
  • Automatic odour extraction programme.
  • Control panel on the side of the seat.
  • A remote control and smartphone app to control and programme.
  • A powerful flush that cleans and covers the whole bowl.
  • Sensor-activated nightlight.


Impressive right? We think this room set is perfect for those who want to inject a ton of tech into their bathroom (Or maybe just a little bit?)

We’ve gone tech mad to create a bathroom that is worthy of all your futuristic day dreams… except now they can be a reality! Feeling all tech-y? Channel some Sherbet Spaceship into your bathroom right now…


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