How to install hot and cold bath taps

Ah hot and cold bath taps – something that’s very important to get spot on! (Because no one wants to accidentally run a cold bath, right?!)

What will I need?

- Basin Wrench

- Grips

- Hexagonal bar key (comes with tap)

- Basin Wench

- Screwdriver

- Tap Spanner

Step by step instructions

1. Turn off hot and cold water via boiler or isolation valves.

2. Open taps to drain excess water.

3. Undo the connections - do not lose the fibre washers!

4. Undo bath hexagonal nuts, turning anticlockwise.

5. Carefully remove taps and clean area.

6. Place new taps in position.

7. Tighten in position using hexagonal nuts turning clockwise.

8. Re-connect hot and cold water.

9. Switch on water, check for leaks.

10. Open taps and flush them.

11. Check operation.