Ideal Home Show

We’d do a pretend drum roll but you kinda already know by the title… We are so proud to be able to say that we’re participating in The Ideal Home Show 2019! (Woop woop!)

This year, Ideal Home have created a huuuuge Show Home inside of the Olympia that is full of beautifully styled rooms and gorgeous products so that you, the wonderful consumer, can venture in and have a good old nose around.

You’ll find us in this wonderful Show Home where our bathroom products are gracing the Annex, the En-suite and the Main Bathroom and we wanted a little place to show off about it. So welcome! Let’s dive into all things Ideal Home Show…

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We love a good podcast and we love Ideal Home Show so it only seemed natural to put the two together and talk a little bit about behind the scenes about our journey to the Show Home!


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Our amazing new catalogue is full to the brim with beautiful products. If you’re looking for a bathroom catalogue to sink your teeth into – you’re at the right place - so order one now! (Oh, and it’s free, so knock your socks off).


We definitely like to show off about our Instagram as it’s actually amazing – no shame! Come on over and feat yours eyes on gorgeous imagery, next level inspiration and enjoy a couple of giggles along the way!

Meet Tully

No, you’re freaking out (It’s definitely us!) but how cute is our life-sized baby Tully? We decided an occasion like this was worth putting our not-so-little baby into the world so come and say hi! Tully is very excited to see you all and take selfies.

If you don’t know much about Tully, he is our very own mascot (but we view him more as a cheeky little brother!) Our ‘little’ friend was born on the 14th of April 2016 at 7.36am weighing 91kg and has stuck around to help us ever since – and loves a good bath every now and again…

Tully is knowledgeable, dependable, down to earth and inspiring and, we believe, represents what we stand for here at Elephants are wise and empathetic – which is what we strive to be, every day. We’re inspired by the traits that elephants are known for and try our best to be just like that!

We hope you think Tully is as cute as we do and remember to tag us in your selfies!