Introducing Joseph Joseph

Joseph Joseph have recently launched their own range of bathroom products and we have been lucky enough at to add them to our portfolio!

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Joseph Joseph - innovative, functional and now at!

We are so excited, and proud to announce, that we have enhanced our portfolio by working with Joseph Joseph to bring you quality, innovative and downright genius bathroom accessories.

Joseph Joseph, who brought you the Chop2Pot™ Folding Cutting Board and the Nest™ Measure cup set, have ventured into the world of bathrooms and we couldn’t be more pleased!

So what treats do we have for you? I hear you cry! We’ve got everything from toothbrush caddies to toilet brushes. Let’s get stuck in...

EasyStore™ Toothbrush caddy

Make sure your sink is as tidy and fuss free as possible with the EasyStore™ Toothbrush caddy. This versatile item is the perfect holder to store both of your toothbrushes and there's even space for your toothpaste!

There's no need to worry about cleanliness too as it is able to be dismantled for easy cleaning and features a ventilation hole for quick drying. If that isn't enough space for all your bits and bobs, there is also a large version available too!

Split™ Bathroom waste separation bin

Have you ever worried about recycling your bathroom waste but never quite got around to it? Now, there's a bin that takes that worry away and makes it easy for you to do your bit for the environment with ease.

Many bathrooms have limited space, so having a separate bathroom bin for recycling is rarely an option. Split™ provides the perfect solution as it's divided into two compartments, allowing you to separate recyclable and non-recyclable waste within one compact design – simple!

Slim™ Soap Pump

Ah, the Slim™ Soap Pump – a simple yet genius remake of the classic bathroom staple. This however, will look fabulous and won’t take up your sink space at the same time - the narrow footprint of this stylish soap pump means it uses less room without compromising on capacity.

It features a non-drip nozzle, an easy-push pump head and holds up to 350ml (12.3 fl oz) of liquid soap. Pretty snazzy right?

Flex™ Plus Toilet brush

Now, toilet brushes aren’t particularly that luxurious and glamorous – but the Flex™ Toilet brush is definitely as stylish as they can get! The revolutionary, unique D-shaped, flexible head has wide bristles to effectively and hygienically clean your toilet.

If you're in need or that extra bit of storage (or don’t like having your bottles out in sight) there is an option that includes a caddy where you can store bleach bottles or aerosols.

EasyStore™ Bathroom caddy

We all know how easy it is for your bathroom essentials to get a bit out of hand, but luckily, the EasyStore™ Bathroom caddy is the solution to all your clutter prayers!

It is divided into a range of compartments of varying shape, size and depth which makes it perfect for storing small items such as scissors, brushes, deodorants, razors and make up.

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So there we have it! Do you love Joseph Joseph's new bathroom range as much as we do? If so, go and have a browse! You won't regret it.

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