Introducing pad

We’re super excited to introduce to you pad, the go-to place for all things home and style.

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Just landed at, pad is here to help you put a stamp on your home. Offering styles for every room and allowing you to make notable home improvements with the addition of affordable, chic accessories.

Styles for the home

Ideal for the style-conscious, savvy-shoppers out there who want to improve areas of their home on a budget. There’s no place like home, and when the day is over there’s nothing we want more than to put our feet up in our living room or wash the day off in our gorgeous freestanding bath. With stylish copper lighting and toasty modern radiators, you can create a space of serenity.

Your interior design is an extension of you and reflects your personality, style is personal and that’s why everyone’s home looks different – it’s fun to see how people style up the same pieces differently and create a whole different look and feel. With our catalogue of ranges, you’ll want to show off your home and take great pride in your design choices.

There are a whole host of ways you can transform your space with stylish accessories, from vertical radiators to ceiling pendant lighting. Discover your style with pad and browse the perfect accessories to complement your home decor.


Lighting for the home

Lighting can completely transform your space and the atmosphere of a room with the flick of a switch. From modern geo caged lighting to ceiling pendant lighting, there is a range for every individual style. Pendants are the perfect lighting for kitchen islands whereas floor lamps are perfect for creating a cosy corner in your bedroom or living room.

With industrial-inspired lighting becoming so popular we thought it was only right we catered for this trend with our Metro and Avant collections. Ideal for those who want to create a retro vibe in their home, lighting is a great place to start in creating a certain look and feel. Suitable for all rooms in your house wherever you feel it’s best suited to, once again its all down to personal style – the world is your oyster!

Why not shop our range of table lamps for the bedroom? Available in a whole host of styles, from modern cage lamps to traditional pastel lamps, you can add a stylish finishing touch to your bedside table or add one to your dressing table and create some task lighting to put your face on in the mornings.

A source of light can work wonders – brighten up your pad and explore our lighting collection.

Heating for the home

Do you want a home that oozes cosiness and a warm feeling when you walk in? There is nothing cosier than warm lighting and a toasty radiator, so heat up your pad by investing in some stylish heating solutions.

Radiators feature in pretty much every room in your home, so just because they’re essential and functional does not mean they can’t be stylish and become a focal part of the room! If you need help deciding on which style, panels or output to choose for your new radiator, our 'how to choose a radiator' guide is the best place to start.

Investing in affordable accessories for your room such as radiators can instantly give the room a complete refresh without the need to rip out appliances or a costly renovation. We wanted to create an inspirational space for you to shop and browse and get inspired to touch up your room. From modern to traditional, anthracite to white gloss, pad caters for all interior styles.

Home inspiration

Make your house your home with our collective range of homeware. Discover stylish interior decorating ideas and style ideas for every room with pad, our latest collection of all things homey.

We want to help you become your very own interior designer, from your kitchen to your bedroom, design inspiration is just a click away. It's all about accessories, and changing up or enhancing your existing decor to fit your style. Personal styles and preferences can change, even between seasons so it's nice to know there are certain things you can do around your home to fit these. 




Shop for your home

Feeling inspired? We hope so! Explore our collection of homeware and spruce up your pad today.