Mirrors and Mirror Cabinets Buying Guide

Mirrors and mirror cabinets are a great way to deal with storage while adding style, function and a bit of wow factor to your bathroom in a quick and easy way!

So, maybe you’re not looking to completely overhaul your bathroom but you fancy making a few changes. A mirror, or a mirror cabinet, is a quick and easy way to add some design to your bathroom without breaking the bank or taking on a larger project.

Not to go all Lionel Ritchie on you, but before you get stuck in, it’s a good idea to know what are you are looking for. We reckon it can be broken down to a few uses

Are you just looking to update your old (and maybe slightly dated) mirror?

Your lotions and potions are getting a bit out of hand and it’s time to get some storage, right?

Maybe you’re looking for an LED light to help on those dark mornings or one of those fancy de-misting features?

Wow Factor
You just want to impress – and that’s okay! We’ve got some options you’re gonna love.

Out of this world design

Celestial Designer Illuminated LED Mirror (ML7001)

If it’s got Celestial in the name, you automatically know it’s going to be pretty out of this world. The rectangular shape with smart edges and brightly lit borders will literally light up your bathroom. The LED light also creates an illusion of a space-ious room while using a fraction of the energy your traditional bathroom light would otherwise consume. The de-mister keeps the condensation at bay and ensures you get a clear reflection even when the room is steamy. As tech heavy and impressive as it sounds, the bulbs in this mirror are IP44 rated which are safe to use within your bathroom. You’ll love it every time you use it and your guests are sure to be impressed! What’s not to love?

What takes your fancy?

Holly Pewter Bevelled Framed Mirror (ML8000)

Have you ever seen anything so glittery in a bathroom before? Not only does it look beautiful, its eco-friendly! Made from recycled plastic, this water resistant mirror is perfect for the bathroom whilst getting along with the environment. With a choice of horizontal or vertical fitting for additional versatility, it is a great finishing touch to your bathroom. Scratch that – it’s beautiful for any room in your home! Did someone say matching mirrors?

Just what you needed

Bloom Illuminated LED Mirror Cabinet & Shaver Socket (MC140)

Now this is a true all-rounder – not only does it look fantastic, it has a whole host of amazing features to match. What are they? I hear you cry! Well, there is the shaver socket feature which is discreetly hidden (yet right where you need it!) This is a useful addition for powering electric shavers and toothbrushes too. The mirrored door is double sided making it the perfect place for cosmetic use as it avoids steaming up - a must have when applying make-up or shaving! The LED rim provides instant illumination but only takes up a fraction of energy that a traditional bulb would consume, saving you money on your energy bills in the long run. The lights are easily activated by a family friendly on/off control. See? Told you it was a good’un.

Everything has a place!

Curved Double Door Liberty Stainless Steel Mirror Cabinet (MC202)

It’s okay to be a hoarder if you’ve got enough space to hoard stuff, right? It’s even easier to justify it when there’s cabinets as beautiful as this. Move over boring bathroom shelves, the Liberty Mirror Cabinet is here to make a statement (and hide your junk at the same time!) The featured mirror will not only give the benefits of a mirror, but will also help to create the illusion of space by reflecting more light around the room. The clever dual use mirror offers a seamless storage solution with stylish appeal. The cabinet provides you with somewhere to house all your essentials, freeing up space around your bathroom and also features a magnetic catch for easy access on those busy mornings.

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If the select few we’ve just chatted about doesn’t take your fancy, we’ve got tons more for you to choose from. We hope we’ve inspired you to add a mirror to your bathroom (or anywhere else in your home for that matter!) Take some time to reflect, we’ll be here when you need us.

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