Okay, sometimes things can go wrong, but in the very unlikely event that one of our products is faulty, you can return it to us to be replaced - up to 10 years (list of 10 years warranty products) & up 1 year (list of 1 year warranty products) after you bought it from us. This warranty covers you for faults that are due to manufacture.

Our products are manufactured using the highest quality materials and go through rigorous testing to ensure they give you optimal performance and longevity. That's why we are happy to provide you with a free warranty for up to a period of 10 years from when your product was purchased.

During this period, in the very unlikely event that one of your product failing to perform, we are glad to cover it. Your first step would be to contact our customer service team, just in case there's a way to resolve any issue before you return the product to us. If it isn't possible to sort things out to your satisfaction over the phone we'll ask you to return the product to us for inspection.

If the item is found to be faulty we will arrange for a replacement part to be sent out to you and your delivery charge will be refunded.

The following product categories are covered under our free 10 Years Warranty:

  1. Radiators
  2. Mixer Showers
  3. Bathroom Taps
  4. Baths
  5. Mirror Cabinets
  6. Toilets

Unfortunately, it's not possible to cover the following products/parts under our 10 Year warranty, but you do get a free 1 Year Warranty with them.

The following product categories are covered under our free 1 Year Warranty:

  1. LED mirrors & cabinets
  2. Electric showers
  3. Shower pumps
  4. Tap and shower catridges
  5. Shower hoses
  6. Toilet seats
  7. Cistern fittings
  8. Shower seals
  9. Basin waste & trap
  10. Bath waste
  11. Shower rollers
  12. Hinges on bathroom furniture
  13. Radiator Heating Elements

* Any product warranties covered by BathEmpire are now covered by soak.com