Shower Doors

Why have a standard shower door when you can choose one that fits your bathroom style perfectly? And when we say it fits, we mean literally too! We have a massive range of shower doors for you to choose from, including standalone shower doors for wetrooms and bi-fold shower doors for small bathroom spaces.

If you’re looking for a modern bathroom look and feel try our black framed shower doors or frameless shower doors. Or are you looking for a quadrant shower door with thick safety glass? Or perhaps you would like a sliding shower door or one that’s hinged or made with a pivot, to save space? Whichever style of shower you have or would like, we have a shower door that will complete your bathroom vision. Speaking of vision, we’ve made it easy for you to keep your glass shower doors clean with our EasyClean protection. You’ll be able to see right through your shower door like it’s a freshly cleaned window, whilst avoiding lime scale and streaks at the same time.

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