Showers & Shower Sets

There’s nothing like the feeling of immersing yourself in a decent shower. Waking up – tick. Warming up (both yourself and your vocal chords) – tick. Refreshing or relaxing – tick. Is there anything a good shower doesn’t help with?!

Shouldn’t something that feels so great, look just as fantastic? We think so too – which is why we’ve got a huge range of shower types, styles and colours for you to choose from.

Think electric showers, thermostatic showers and digital showers, each with a range of shower heads and hoses. When it comes to style, stick with a traditional shower style with an exposed shower, and choose chrome, gold or even black shower colours. Or if you want to go for a super modern shower look, feast your eyes on our concealed mixer showers – again in a range of colours and styles, from those with a copper shower head to matte black showers.

If you want a designer look and feel, our rain showers are really something to behold! Available with round and square shower heads in a variety of sizes. Or go completely designer and chose from our range of Triton and Grohe shower mixers.

We think Triton Aspirante showers are fabulous - so much so that we've written an article explaining what's so good about them!

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