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At, we love inspiring others, but we also love being inspired too! So, we wanted to get to know some of our favourite Instagram accounts and bloggers a little better. They’re true advocates of their own style when it comes to interiors (and totally inspire us too!) so we’re having a little chat (and a few giggles) to find out that little bit more.

Join us as we delve into what inspires them to do what they love and have a good nose at what they create as a result. We’ve also got pretty personal as we’re keen find out what they think is hot (and what is not!) Enjoy…  


Introducing French For Pineapple...

Soaked in style - French For Pineapple

"French For Pineapple chronicles the adventures of Bianca Hall who is a content creator with an insatiable passion for interiors. She lives in North London in a Victorian terrace with her husband, their two children, and Cleo the tiny tiger.


French for pineapple chronicles her interior adventures, perpetual redecorating, room swapping, DIY projects, plans and dreams for her home and garden, and exciting treasures she finds along the way."


Visit Bianca's Instagram here and Blog here.


Modern urban glamour


We've been lusting after Bianca's gorgeous London home for quite some time now, she is always one step ahead of the crowd when it comes to trend predictions and has locked down the perfect modern urban glamorous style in her home. Although ever-evolving, her core style remains constant: playful, urban, grown-up glamour which incorporates new mixed with vintage, and high-end with high-street. Bianca documents the adventures of her ever-changing colour experiments, clever DIY's and room overhauls over on her blog - French For Pineapple.


Not content with just being a style influence and interiors guru to us all and ultimate #InteriorGoals, but she's also the co-host of Revamp Restyle Reveal. A real interiors force to be reckoned with!

Soaked in style - French For Pineapple
Soaked in style - French For Pineapple
Soaked in style - French For Pineapple
Soaked in style - French For Pineapple



Getting to know Bianca Hall...


Tell us your decorating story, where did it all begin?

I realised a few years ago that my decorating story actually began very young - probably when I was born. My father was a serial renovator and when my parents separated, I lived with my mother in rented houses (we moved a LOT) and she always made the best of them, by either painting, or extravagant use of accessories -or both! I was shown from a very young age how to make the most of a space, so once I settled down (post party years!) it really just kicked in naturally.


How would you describe your style?

Modern Urban Glamour. I think it changes quite regularly depending on what I’m drawn to, but my core style stays pretty much the same. Lately I’ve been going down a neutral route and I’m loving it!


Who/what is your biggest design influence(s)?

Glamorous hotels have always been a huge influence, and American designers like Kelly Wearstler, Athena Calderone, Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent always inspire me.


Would you describe your style as safe or wild?

Safer than some, but wilder than others!


What’s your favourite trend right now?

I’m loving the turn towards warm neutrals and lighter, brighter spaces. Bye-bye Down Pipe!

Soaked in style - French For Pineapple
Soaked in style - French For Pineapple

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What is your most prized possession in your home?


A picture of my mother when she was a model in the 60’s that my father (then a photographer) took. It’s in a frame that my father made, and if you open the back up, there are pieces to make up a bigger photo like a jigsaw. It’s pretty special to me. I’m also quite attached to my vintage Lucite trolley (currently used as my bedside table), and my vintage Arkana dining chairs which were both ebay finds.


DIY or give it to someone else to do?

I love a bit of DIY, probably more than most, but I know my limits and won’t be trying any plumbing or electrics any time soon. I’ve also decided that I won’t be doing the tiling when we do our bathroom, so really it’s a bit of both.


What’s your biggest design/decor no no?

Ah there are many, but short curtains are probably up there with the biggest no-no for me.

Soaked in style - French For Pineapple
Soaked in style - French For Pineapple

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How have your new radiators transformed your space?


They’ve made a huge difference, especially in the hallway, as it’s one of the first things you see when you come into the house – it’s so nice that it’s not an eyesore anymore. Likewise, in the TV room, which is a long narrow space, the radiators are again one of the first things you see when you walk in. I’d painted the old builder grade ones, but they were still so ugly – now the Colosseum ones are a lovely feature. It’s all in the details!


What was it about that took your fancy? have such a fabulous range and at very reasonable prices – you just can’t argue with that. I recommend the radiators all the time as again they’re so reasonably priced and the quality is brilliant too.


Have you got any top interior tips you’ve learnt along the way?

The biggest thing, which is something I come across all the time, is that people are scared to make ‘mistakes’ so they don’t do anything. They don’t think they can paint themselves, so they don’t change anything. Paint is a total game-changer – nothing else can change a space as dramatically, quickly and as cheap, and if you don’t like it, it’s not the end of the world to change it again! It’s such an old-fashioned notion that you should keep the same wall colour for twenty years. If you feel like a change – do it! Aside from paint, lamps, cushions, throws and rugs are also cheaper ways of updating a space if new furniture isn’t on the cards. EBay is still great for the occasional, incredible lucky find. You just have to be thorough and determined. And a clever, stealth, last fifteen seconds kind of bidder!


Have you got any tips for someone looking to shake up their interior?

Start a collection of images that you like – maybe a Pinterest board, and see what the recurring themes are so you can better understand the look you’re going for and what you’ll need to do to achieve it. Then you can work on a mood-board (this can be digital or physical), which might hinge on a colour you have your heart set on, or a piece of art or furniture you know you want to keep, and work from there. I like to be in the space when I’m working on ideas for a room as it helps me to visualise what things will look like, and how existing pieces will work with potential new ones. Above all, go with what you love rather than what you think you ‘should’ do. If you want a neutral scheme, it’s very important to really up the ante on texture to keep it interesting. And it’s good to take risks! Don’t be afraid to do the opposite of what everyone else is doing if it’s what you love.


Quickfire Round


  1. Zebra or Leopard Print? Zebra.
  2. Pom poms or Tassels? Tassels.
  3. Polka dots or Stripes? Hmmm, neither?!
  4. Copper or Brass? Brass forever!
  5. Floral or Foliage? Foliage.
  6. Pattern or Plain? Plain. Mostly...
  7. Polished or Matte? Matte.
  8. Pastels or Vibrant? Both!
  9. Concrete or Marble? Marble.
  10. Fluffy or Knit? Knit.


Soaked in Style

We hope you enjoyed getting to know Bianca a little better. Watch this space as we'll be chatting more to the faces behind our favourite Instagram accounts very soon!

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