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At, we love inspiring others, but we also love being inspired too! So, we wanted to get to know some of our favourite Instagram accounts and bloggers a little better. They’re true advocates of their own style when it comes to interiors (and totally inspire us too!) so we’re having a little chat (and a few giggles) to find out that little bit more.

Join us as we delve into what inspires them to do what they love and have a good nose at what they create as a result. We’ve also got pretty personal as we’re keen find out what they think is hot (and what is not!) Enjoy…  


Introducing Lisa Dawson...

"Four years ago, we sold our house in Caversham, Berkshire and moved to Yorkshire. With the house price divide, we were able to afford our dream home – a five bedroom Georgian manor house in the country. Our new house gave me the opportunity to really create our home from scratch and I started documenting this on Instagram, using relevant interiors hashtags which I hadn’t previously tried.

I was asked so many questions about what I was doing – I’m a huge fan of upcycling and styling on a budget – that I decided to start writing a blog based on this very subject. I still write weekly and it’s my favourite thing to do. I also run regular workshops and create content for social media on behalf of brands. I live with my husband Joe and my three children, plus Buddy the Lhasa Apso and Molly the kitten."


Visit Lisa's Instagram here and Blog here.


An "Unfussy Eclectic" Georgian home

The interiors community on Instagram wouldn’t be complete without the wonderful Lisa Dawson – her award winning blog and Instagram page feature her gorgeous Georgian home filled with an eclectic mix of vintage and retro pieces, high street steals and to go with it, a personality and humour that will get you hooked!

Not only is Lisa (as we like to call her – the Queen of Instagram interiors) but she's also an interior writer, workshop presenter, content creator and the co-host of Revamp Restyle Reveal – what can’t she do?!



Getting to know Lisa Dawson...


Tell us your decorating story...

I’ve always loved interiors and have for years been obsessed with the idea of recycling once loved furniture and bringing it back to life. I was brought up in Hong Kong and the UK and this has meant that not only do I love colour, but also that I have a transient decorating issue! My mum was always moving furniture around to create different looks and I’ve inherited this from her. I am drawn towards eclectic styling and I love the juxtaposition of old and new - it makes me really happy.


How would you describe your style?

I’d describe my style as unfussy eclectic (totally made that up haha!). I’m a huge charity and thrift shop trawler and am always coming home with new pieces to add to my home. It is organised and collated into collections so I like to think that it always looks cohesive. I love textures and mixing old and new is my signature style. Colour plays a huge part in my spaces too and I keep the basics in the room neutral so I can bring in what I love without clashing.


Who/what is your biggest design influence(s)?

I’m massively inspired by Emily Henderson, Kelly Wearstler and Jonathan Adler who are all hugely talented and innovational. I am also mad about that whole Palm Springs, colour pop vibe which focuses on mixing textures and styles which represent you, rather than a trend.


Would you describe your style as safe or wild?

Wild for sure!


What’s your favourite trend right now?

I don’t really do trends but I love mid century and as someone who has a house filled with white walls, I am super happy that neutrals are returning!

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What is your most prized possession in your home?

My Jentique mid-century sideboard which I picked up at a Sue Ryder sale for £10. It was in perfect condition with the labels still in it too!


DIY or give it to someone else to do?

I do everything that I possibly can in my home – I only bring in someone to help if it’s beyond my capabilities or life threatening (like a super high ceiling drop).


What’s your biggest design/decor no no?

I’m not a big fan of curtains as I feel they disguise the shape of the window and can block the light. I’d go for blinds every time, but that’s a personal thing! I also am a big fan of wallpaper but would always veer away from adding too much wall décor to it. The wallpaper should be a feature in it’s own right.


How have your new radiators transformed your space?

Beyond belief! The previous ones were so ugly and very basic. These new radiators are a feature in their own right and also fit brilliantly style wise in our Georgian home. The only problem is that now I want to change all of the radiators!


What was it about that took your fancy?

I loved the range of styles and the simplicity of the product that I chose was perfect for the rooms. The website is clear and concise and easy to navigate too.


Any renovation advice?

Be brave! Think about what you really love and work your rooms around those items. Think long and hard about whether you really like a piece or not – if you don’t, sell it or send it to the charity shop! Surround yourself with things you love and your rooms will always make you happy.


What is your ultimate interior tip?

Use texture! A room can be made or broken by the textures you use – they stop it looking flat and add that extra layer. Use textures on top of each other to add interest.


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Quickfire Round


  1. Zebra or Leopard Print? Leopard.
  2. Pom poms or Tassels? Tassels.
  3. Polka dots or Stripes? Stripes.
  4. Copper or Brass? Brass.
  5. Floral or Foliage? Foliage.
  6. Pattern or Plain? Plain.
  7. Polished or Matte? Polished.
  8. Pastels or Vibrant? Vibrant.
  9. Concrete or Marble? Marble.
  10. Fluffy or Knit? Knit.


Soaked in Style

We hope you enjoyed getting to know Lisa a little better. Watch this space as we'll be chatting more to the faces behind our favourite Instagram accounts very soon!

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