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At, we love inspiring others, but we also love being inspired too! So, we wanted to get to know some of our favourite Instagram accounts and bloggers a little better. They’re true advocates of their own style when it comes to interiors (and totally inspire us too!) so we’re having a little chat (and a few giggles) to find out that little bit more.

Join us as we delve into what inspires them to do what they love and have a good nose at what they create as a result. We’ve also got pretty personal as we’re keen find out what they think is hot (and what is not!) Enjoy…  


Introducing Pati Robins...

"My name is Pati and I have lived in the UK for the past 12 years with my husband Colin, our daughter Olivia (who likes to do a running commentary on every step of my decorating journey!) our 2 dogs Shy and Lilly and a range of fish all named Bob by Olivia!

If I am not stuck knees deep in painting or cutting bits of wood, I am a Carer, a hobby photographer, a DIY blogger and I have slight addiction to Instagram."


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Maximalist and eclectic wonderland

If you're a regular on Instagram (we see you peeping!)  then you’re probably already familiar with Pati's incredible home. Her maximalist and eclectic wonderland is delicious yet dark and we, quite frankly, adore it! Oh, and she also happens to be one of the nicest people on there…



Getting to know Pati Robins...


How would you describe your style?

I would describe my style as dark, eclectic, maximalist with a touch of rock glam - or in short “bonkers!”


Who/what is your biggest design influence(s)?

I think for all dark interior lovers, it was Abigail Ahern who was one of the first designers who broke the rule book that said ‘no small space should be dark’. The rest of my inspiration comes from my family and our personal tastes.


Would you describe your style as safe or wild?

As wild as it can get at the moment!


What’s your favourite trend right now?

I sadly don’t follow any trends as they come and go so quickly I cannot keep up – but I love the fact that plants and botanical inspired pieces are making a comeback.  


What is your most prized possession in your home?

Besides my radiator, it’s a wire chandelier that hangs in the living room. It was an eBay win for £50! I still remember the feeling of euphoria I had when we had to drive and collect it. The gentleman who owned it had taller ceilings than I have at home and sold it as “it was too big for his place.” On the way back, my husband was asking me where it will go - “On the stairs?” “No, the living room!” It was a bit of a Griswold family vacation moment! The sad fact is that the chandelier is massive and it is too big for the living room but, as I like oversized pieces, it is staying where it is!


DIY or give it to someone else to do?

I am all for DIY – I love doing things myself as it is not only cost effective but also makes me more independent. The feeling you get when you make something yourself is amazing!


What’s your biggest bathroom no no?

As my home is adapted for my disabled husband and so is our bathroom, disabled shower curtains have to be extra-long but only come in a choice of two colours - white or white. I mean, do disabled people really have to be stuck with plain white shower curtains? 


Tell us your radiator story, why did you choose to revamp?

My old radiator was your average white radiator that stood out against my dark walls like a sore thumb. As it is on show, I painted it the same colour as the wall but the shape of it did nothing remotely exiting to the space. I have always dreamed of a traditional style radiator as, for me, those beauties deserve to be on show! They are also perfect to display your art on (and oh so much warmer!)


What was it about and this product that took your fancy?

I love the fact that have a very modern and bang on trend approach. If you haven’t checked their showroom - it’s a must! The products are of a fantastic quality and their customer service is both friendly and knowledgeable. Plus, the range of products is perfectly chosen to fit any style and any budget. I have an arm long wish list of things I want to buy from!


Have you got any tips for someone looking to revamp their radiators?

Paint is your friend! If you dislike the look of your radiator, paint it the same colour as your wall and if you want it to be a feature, go crazy with a contrasting colour for that extra pop. Alternatively, have a look at for their selection of beautifully coloured radiators. 


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Quickfire Round


  1. Zebra or Leopard Print? Zebra all the way!
  2. Pom poms or Tassels? That is a hard one. How about tasselled pom poms?
  3. Polka dots or Stripes? Stripes (although my daughter would disagree!)
  4. Copper or Brass? Brass.
  5. Floral or Foliage? Foliage.
  6. Pattern or Plain? Pattern (I don’t do plain!)
  7. Polished or Matte? Depends where – but as a safe answer, I’d choose matte.
  8. Pastels or Vibrant? The more vibrant the merrier! 
  9. Concrete or Marble? Concrete.
  10. Fluffy or Knit? I often think of fluffy kittens when I knit!


Soaked in Style

We hope you enjoyed getting to know Pati a little better. Watch this space as we'll be chatting more to the faces behind our favourite Instagram accounts very soon!

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