Countertop Taps

Tap into your bathroom potential and update your bathroom with one of our beautiful countertop taps – they’re great for adding a contemporary vibe to your bathroom in a quick and easy way as they stand aside from the basin and become a style piece in themselves. If you’re not after a chrome countertop tap, we have some gorgeous black bathroom taps to choose from that are perfect for injecting an industrial influence.

We also love a good countertop basin shelf here at Go for something a little different and introduce a countertop basin tap onto a countertop basin shelf. Did someone say hotel inspired luxury? That’s right - we did!

If you need a place to store all of your lotions and potions, then you are in need of your very own countertop basin vanity unit. A countertop basin vanity unit is a very versatile piece of furniture to have in your bathroom – trust us! Not only is it great for storage, you can also use it to create a vanity space in your bathroom for those early morning beauty routines.

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1 - 1 of 1 products